6 ways to cut vegetables into cubes

Choosing the best device to help the hostess

In the process of cooking some dishes, cutting vegetables into cubes can take quite a long time. If you like salads, okroshka, borsch, vegetable stews, make preparations for the winter - think about buying a vegetable cutter. This device will do in a few minutes the work for which “in manual mode” will take an hour.

And if earlier only graters and food processors were sold (the first ones do not cut with cubes, and the second ones are quite expensive), now manufacturers offer different units that can cope with this task.

Method 1. Manual vegetable cutters cubes

This method can rightly put in the first place. They are easy to wash, quickly assembled and disassembled, have sharp blades, are safe in operation and at the same time cut beautifully and neatly. The most famous and touted are Nicer Dicer and Nicer Dicer Plus. Graters take up little space and are inexpensive. Regular Nicer Dicer can be bought for only 10-15 dollars.

Produces manual vegetable cutters company Moulinex. The cost of 25-30 dollars.

Another popular manual vegetable cutter is the Alligator (Sweden). People are satisfied with the quality, but the price of this device - 150-180 dollars - is very high.

To manual vegetable cutter need to adapt. Do not immediately try the device on solid products (for example, carrots or raw beets), onions. Try cutting potatoes, cucumber or zucchini first. When you understand how best to put the product in the vegetable cutter, with what force to press - you can safely dice any vegetables. The thing for the kitchen is actually very useful.

Method 2. Diced food processors

Food processors - multifunctional appliances. In addition to cutting vegetables, they can - beat the dough, work with a blender, some models have the function of a meat grinder, juicer, etc.

The lack of food processors is that they take time to assemble the device - and after work they should be disassembled, washed and put in place. Sometimes it is faster to do something with your hands - than to pull out the unit. Another disadvantage is the high price.

Method 3. Diced meat grinders

The French brand Moulinex produced the first meat grinder with the ability to cut vegetables into cubes.

The ME415 model makes a worthy competition to Bosh combines! Its price is much lower (120-150 dollars). The meat she chops is much better quality than a blender in a combine. However, combines are more functional. For example, they can knead the dough or make a cocktail. This meat grinder has some more nozzles - graters and shredders for vegetables. According to reviews - the device cuts raw vegetables perfectly, cubes boiled in it, crumpled.

Method 4. Blenders, allowing to cut into cubes

There is an unconditional leader in the market! The Philips HR 1659 and HR 1669 blenders are a novelty that have won the hearts of customers. With it you can make mashed potatoes, grate, chop vegetables, knead the dough and make a cocktail.

Due to the huge number of functions, it can rightly be called a combine. At the same time, it takes up very little space. It is easy to use, there are no parts with a complex mount. Washed, according to reviews, is also simple. Disadvantages: a lot of plastic parts that can break. There is only one lattice for cubes in the set - additional ones need to be bought separately.
The cost of the device is 200-250 dollars.
Another blender, cutting cubes, produced by VITEK. The cost of the device is 130-150 dollars. He cuts it very well, too. The disadvantage is, again, the probability of breakdown, this time the gearbox.

Method 5. Electric vegetable cutters

Some manufacturers tried to create similar units. However, they did not become popular. Firstly, it is impossible to buy them in the store, all sales were made through a TV store or the Internet. Secondly, the price of such a device was slightly lower than the price of the Moulinex meat grinder. Devices turned out not profitable and have not yet earned the trust of buyers. Perhaps in the future such vegetable cutters will modify?

Method 6. Special tips on household appliances

Kenwood chose an unusual path. They made a dicing MGX400, which is suitable for meat grinders and combines of this brand. She gets the hostess, having in its arsenal units of Kenwood.

As we can see, the market is only developing in this direction. However, the modern buyer already has something to choose from. What do you like best? Meat mincer, combine, blender or special attachment? Maybe you choose a mechanical grater? Your choice should depend on your personal needs! The main thing is to use some rules when operating the devices:
- First, cut soft foods, such as cheese, eggs, and then - hard.
- Meat can be slightly frozen. This will improve the quality of the cut.
- Carefully handle the float! They are incredibly sharp, deep cuts are possible. Never give graters to children.

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