8 best suits for hunting, fishing and tourism

Quality, often not expensive, but with the best price-quality ratio

Outdoor recreation is especially good when you spend it comfortably. Therefore, both a beginner and an experienced hunter, fisherman, tourist need a high-quality, reliable and comfortable suit. When choosing high-quality equipment, some rely on feedback from friends and colleagues, for others the main indicator is the price, and still others look for a stylish look and various "chips". Let's try to find out where to look for the truth and what to look for before purchasing a costume for hunting and fishing.

Criterias of choice

Fabric quality

Polyester is often used for top fabric: oxford, taslan, taffeta etc. To improve consumer characteristics, manufacturers cover it with various impregnations and polyurethane coating. This material not bad protects from wind and moisture, but is not too comfortable to wear, it heats up in the cold, accumulates static electricity and badly lets air through. In addition, some types of synthetics noticeably rustle when moving. Much better in the harsh Russian conditions has proven itself membrane tissue. Its peculiarity is that such material is waterproof and windproof, but at the same time it allows the body to "breathe" and is practically silent. It is a two-layer material: knitted polyester on the outside and a special coating with a purl. The membrane coating is reinforced with a fabric mesh applied over it. Such a composition does not allow water and wind to penetrate inside the suit and at the same time helps to bring excess moisture to the surface. The color of the fabric of the top also matters, especially if the clothing is intended for the hunter. But here everyone has their own preferences and depend on the season, type of rest and tastes of the owner of the costume.


No less attention when buying a demi-season or winter suit should be paid to choose the right one. insulation. About such "ancient" insulation, such as batting or sheepskin, and not worth mentioning. They were replaced long ago by light synthetic materials, which differ in their ability to retain heat, thickness and, of course, price. Demi-season suits can be complemented with a lining or a removable jacket from an inexpensive fleece - soft and warm synthetic material. Of winter insulation is the cheapest synthetic winterizer. However, to create a truly warm suit, you will need at least 3 layers of padding polyester, which makes the suit bulky and not always comfortable. At the same time, this material performs the function of heat preservation “for a threesome”. More modern and efficient insulation - holofiber, holofan, faybermaks - they cope with their task much better, but their cost is significantly higher. They are well breathable and do not absorb moisture. Finally, the most technologically advanced and comfortable material - tinsuleyt and its analogues. With a small density and thickness, tinsuleyt copes well even with severe frosts, and the weight and volume of such a suit is significantly less than that of cheaper counterparts.


A suit consisting of a jacket and semi-overalls, rather than a jacket and trousers, is more suitable for a long stay in the frosty air or in conditions of high humidity. The extended set may also include a vest, cartridge belt, gloves, a hat, which makes the costume more functional, but also more expensive.

What else should I look for when choosing a suit?

Pay attention to the presence of a warm hood with a wide flap, slimming drawstring in the jacket, adjustable valves on the sleeves, reliable fittings (buttons, buttons, stickies, zippers). The seams of the costume from the inside should be taped, however, it is not always possible to check. Evaluate the lining material. Ordinary slippery synthetic material is not too comfortable to wear, and cotton, despite its hygiene and softness, quickly loses its appearance and gets dirty. Ideal - fleece lining, which provides comfort and extra warmth. And if the fleece also comes unfastened, it will be much easier to clean and wash such a suit.

Rating of the most popular costumes

Based on the presented criteria, we compare several of the most popular models of costumes for fishing, hunting and tourism. After the table, we analyze in detail all the advantages and possible disadvantages of the models we have chosen.

The name of the costumeEstimated priceFeatures

1. Summer suit against mosquitoes and ticks (anti-encephalitis)

1990 rubles

Affordable price

2. Canadian Camper Forest Anorak Hunting Suit (Fleece)

2100 rubles

High level of comfort

3. A demi-season Hunter suit made from aloof membrane tissue

3000 rubles

Inexpensive and strong suit for intensive use.

4. Winter suit for recreation and hunting. KM Range

4500 rubles

Robust classics

5. The suit "Mont Blanc"

5100 rubles

Improved performance

6. Men's winter suit FOX 8990 р.

9000 rubles

Very warm and absolutely silent suit

7. Suit Alaskan Polar +

10,000 rubles

Water resistant and cold protection

8. Hunter Costume JahtiJakt Premium Set

19300 rubles

High quality and functionality

1. Anti-encephalic suit

This suit is useful in the summer and in the warm off-season wherever there is moisture and blood-sucking insects. It consists of trousers and anorak with a hood, and also a body set (trousers + shirt + mosquito) from a net material of large knit. The fabric of the top is a khaki-colored tent fabric, which is rather tear-resistant and additionally treated with water-repellent impregnation. This is the cheapest summer option for outdoor activities.


  • low cost;
  • versatility.


  • quickly fails, breaks, abrades;
  • few pockets;
  • water-repellent impregnation quickly washed off.

Customer Reviews:

“An inexpensive option for all occasions. But I think professional hunters will prefer something else. This suit is more likely for mushroom pickers. ”

“For outdoor recreation, the suit is not bad, it protects mosquitoes and other living creatures well. For one-time hunting and fishing trips will also fit. Only need to buy an option in which there are elastic inner cuffs. "

2. Canadian Camper Forest Anorak Hunting Suit

A rather unusual version of clothing for hunting and fishing enthusiasts in the spring and autumn. It consists of a jacket and trousers and is sewn of camouflage fleece - soft synthetic fabric. This is the most comfortable demi-season suit.


  • affordable price;
  • does not constrain movements;
  • not rustling.


  • insufficient protection from wind and moisture;
  • quickly loses a good appearance;
  • breaks, clinging to the branches.

Customer Reviews:

“An excellent budget suit for all lovers of outdoor activities in the fall or spring. Very warm and cozy. ”

“The suit is not bad: comfortable and easily washable, but it lasts for a while. Fleece rolls, collects spines and stretches. However, clothes are very good for this money. ”

3. Alova Membrane Suit

The costume consists of a shortened jacket and trousers. Alova fabric is the most affordable option among all membranes. There are models with a removable fleece lining. The suit is good for those who need inexpensive and strong equipment for difficult weather conditions and frequent use.


  • low price in comparison with analogues;
  • small weight;
  • water and windproof;
  • many pockets.


  • the membrane layer deteriorates easily, a special washing mode is required;
  • in the cold can "tan";
  • fabric of top clings, but is not torn;
  • insufficient air exchange.

Customer Reviews:

“I personally did not like this costume. Feeling that you are dressed in oilcloth. Other costumes are more expensive, but better. ”
“I wear the second season, everything suits: a quiet, soft, durable suit. Under the membrane suit you need the right clothes, 2 layers of thermal underwear is necessary. And at plus temperature you shouldn’t wear it - you will be tired of it. These are membrane features. ”

4. Suit Range KM

This is a classic outfit for winter hunting and fishing up to -20 degrees. Top fabric blended, high density. Insulation - siliconized fiber. The suit consists of a jacket and trousers with a fastened back and straps. The back is insulated with fleece fabric inside. The landfill has the best price-performance ratio.


  • has high insulating properties;
  • little prone to deformation;
  • "Breathes", hygienic and comfortable to wear;
  • many pockets;
  • various colors.


  • The jacket is not elongated, which in combination with pants does not provide sufficient protection from wind and cold
  • Top material gets wet.

Customer Reviews:

“I bought this suit in the color of“ winter ”. I dress both on walks, and in long campaigns. Cool, easy, warm! Together with thermal underwear protects up to -30 degrees. In my opinion, there are too many pockets, but this is an amateur. ”
“December 23, bought a suit" Polygon "color" forest. " Super!!! I went to my relatives, put on my jacket right on a regular T-shirt. At - 18 degrees, it feels like the jacket is ventilated (breathes), but not cold. It upsets only that the fabric gets wet. "

5. The suit of Mont Blanc

Top fabric - polyester ("Oxford") with a polyurethane coating. Insulation - holofiber. Very warm and light suit consists of a jacket and semi-overalls. This is the best suit for "sedentary" pastime (fishing, waiting in ambush) in conditions of cold and humidity. Available in two colors: blue and camouflage.


  • bib with high back;
  • internal windproof elements;
  • thanks to PU coating resistant to all weather conditions;
  • high-quality insulation.


  • rustling cloth;
  • accumulates static electricity.

Customer Reviews:

“I am wearing the second set of Mont Blanc, I am very pleased, I have been looking at something more expensive, I have been feeling everything and have come to purchase the third Mont Blanc. Suit super.
“I’ve looked at this costume for a long time, but in the pictures it’s somehow not very good. And recently I managed to touch and measure. Live is quite another thing, but to the touch in general class, not a rag, but not a sheepskin coat. Declared to -40, I think that is real. Well and the main thing: reasonable price! "

6. Fox V2 Costume

Consists of a jacket and semi-overalls. Upper fabric nap, insulation - "Tinsuleyt", fleece lining. Thanks to high-quality materials and special attention to the nuances of these clothes can be called the best semi-professional suit for tourism, hunting and fishing.


  • silent fabric;
  • adjustable hood with a hard visor;
  • no sticky tape;
  • bib with high rise and detachable back;
  • elastic inserts in the belt, soft cuffs;
  • Anti-slip overlay on shoulders for carrying a gun and bag.


  • The suit is designed for temperature conditions from -20 to -40 degrees, in warmer weather it may be uncomfortable.

Customer Reviews:

“It feels very thin to the touch, would not believe that it is so warm. The membrane works great: when you ski, you almost do not sweat (in other clothes, the sweat pours out in streams), for a whole day in the pouring rain the suit remained completely dry inside. The fabric is not blown at all. ”
“Fox liked it even during the fitting process: I sat down like a glove, I had a feeling of lightness and convenience. The color was also bribed, it is possible to go to the nature and not be ashamed to walk around the city. ”

7. Suit Alaskan Polar +

This popular costume consists of a jacket and semi-overalls. It can be considered the best fishing suit. Top fabric - membrane AERO-TEX, breathable and completely impermeable. Insulation Synthetic Down has a very low weight and high heat retention. This is a solid classic fisherman suit without any special frills.


  • elongated jacket;
  • many adjustments;
  • waterproof zipper and splash valves;
  • reinforcement in the knees and in the back of the semi-overalls.


  • because of its features, the costume is not suitable for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, only for anglers.

Customer Reviews:

“The suit is great. With thermal underwear and the correct load, it justifies itself to 100. Of course, it is intended for fishing in cold conditions, at 0 and -5 it will be hot in it. Starting from -15-25 is what you need. ”
“A successful model, the fabric is just fantastic, but the performance was not pleased. Half of the velcro on the pants and jacket came off immediately! The breast pocket in my suit was without a bottom, the radio "drowned" in the lining. This is not critical, I repaired everything myself, but I would like a better quality for this price. ”

8. Finnish JahtiJakt Premium Set

The costume from Scandinavia differs from others in its manufacturability and price. The high price is explained not only by the perfect quality of materials and tailoring, but also by an impressive bundle, which, in addition to the jacket and trousers, includes: fleece gloves, mosquito net, hood, fleece jacket, thermal underwear of the first layer, cap, suspenders on buttons. The membrane fabric AIR-TEX2 is unique in that the membrane is applied to the outer surface of the material and laminated. This costume is one of the best professional gear options available in Russia.


  • the best choice for hunting with pursuit and from ambush;
  • very light;
  • maintains repeated washings;
  • thanks to special materials, it is suitable for use at any time of the year, including frost up to -25 degrees;
  • silent, breathable, water- and dirt-resistant fabric;
  • impregnation that blocks the smell of a person;


  • relatively high price.

Customer Reviews:

“It is very light, it is not afraid of rain, the ventilation of the suit is excellent, very warm with all the ventilation zips closed: in winter it went to -23 to 25 degrees on skis, while wearing thermal underwear and a sweater. Erased after each hunt, and he like new. ”
“The most comfortable suit I've ever encountered. Particularly pleased with the membrane, it works flawlessly. And the price is not so “biting”, considering that you pay immediately for a dozen of necessary and useful things. ”

So, there is a significant price range for hunter and fisherman costumes, depending on the materials, models and features of each product. It remains only to choose the equipment that best meets the objectives (hunting, fishing, hiking, riding a snowmobile, etc.) that you can afford and enjoy. Have a good choice!

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