Overview Multicookers Scarlett SC-410

Multicooker Scarlett SC-410 - beauty in simplicity

One of the most popular Multicarves manufactured by Scarlett in our market is the multicooker SC-410. It belongs to a number of low-end models with a minimum set of functions. White body with elegant beige floral pattern pleases the eye. Well fit into the design of the kitchen in the style of country, Provence or classics (but for the kitchen, made in a super-modern style - for example, high-tech - better to look for another model). Average price in online stores - 1760 r.

It is in this multicooker that I have been preparing for more than a year, I know its advantages and disadvantages - and therefore I want to tell you more about it.

What can she do?

On the control panel - 8 buttons. Seven of these are programs:

  • croup;
  • express program;
  • warming up (cold dishes);
  • heating (maintains the dish in a heated state, combined with the program shutdown function);
  • milk porridge;
  • soup;
  • stewing / steaming.

Eighth - a timer (allows you to postpone the start of preparation until 24 hours).

In the first four modes the device itself determines the time and temperature of preparation depending on the weight of the products. When turned on, the display shows 00:00 first, then the dotted line running in a circle. This is not a malfunction, as some users think! On the contrary, such an indication means that the device is working correctly.

For milk porridge, soup, stewed dishes have a default time, but you can change it. According to the instructions maximum cooking time for steaming and stewing - 1.5 hours, for milk porridge and soup - 2 hours. If this is not enough for the recipe you have chosen, you can simply select it again at the end of the program and adjust the remaining time. For example, you need to extinguish the dish for 2.5 hours. Select the “extinguishing” program, set the maximum to 1.5 hours. When the program finishes its work, the multicooker automatically switches to the heating mode (the display shows “bb”), turn off the device with the “off . ”(You can not pull it out of the network), then choose“ extinguishing ”again and set up the remaining time - 1 h. Unfortunately, this instruction describes this point is not very clear to many.

Bowl volume - 4 l. This is quite enough for a family of 1-3 people.

It seems that there are few functions ... But with their help you can prepare not only all kinds porridge (on water, on milk, with additives of mushrooms, vegetables, fruits), soups (including pea, chicken, etc.), but also meat and fish dishes (pilaf, meat soufflé, stew, stew with vegetables and others), all kinds of dishes for a couple and the drinks and Dessert (compotes, sherbet, ryazhenka, berry milk). And these are only those recipes that are listed in the accompanying collection. Many people regret that there are no frying and baking functions, but the skilled craftsmen successfully replace them:

  • bakery products The functions are: express, warming up, soup;
  • frying in express mode.

Here is what millet porridge I have in it:

Vegetable stew in a slow cooker:

Model features

The weak point of this multicooker - electronics. Studying reviews before buying, I found out that every tenth complains about electronics and sensors. Breakage of the upper and lower sensors is called the most frequent problem that is addressed to the service center. But the masters mark as a frequent cause of breakdowns of electronics, power surges in our network! And this is bad for any technique.

There are instances with an unbearable smell of chemistry, with a plastic panel lagging behind the body, with an upside down pattern - but this is not the rule. Just check the model at the time of purchase. Strong plastic smell should not be! And if you have a non-defective copy, get rid of from foreign smell not difficult. It is enough to boil a bowl of water with lemon 1-2 times in the “Soup” mode.

After cooking the bowl is better wash immediately. The coating is quite thin, and if food remains dry, there is a risk of damaging it. Need more to wipe wet cloth cover from the inside pour out water from a plastic container and to dry silicone bezel, otherwise the smell from the dish along with the moisture will remain in the body. For airing the lid between the preparations should be left half open (you can lay the same spoon from the kit).

Cons of the model:

  • thin bowl, thin coating layer - requires careful, careful handling;
  • fixed cover, you can not rinse separately under water, silicone gasket on the edge must be gently wiped on the spot;
  • does not show time in the modes of croup, express, heating;
  • press the buttons to adjust the time (+ and -) need very quickly.

Advantages of the model:

  • Ease of Management;
  • low price;
  • there is a steaming tray;
  • on the side of the case - mount for a spoon, the spoon is included in the kit;
  • low sound signal at the end of the program;
  • the button on the lid is tight - a small child just does not open it;
  • porridge does not stick (if the amount of grain and water corresponds).

Controversial moments:

(for someone it's a plus, for someone it's a minus)

  • "Feminine" design;
  • goes into heating mode, does not turn off itself;
  • minimum of functions.

Who advise you to buy?

The Scarlett SC-410 multicooker will suit you perfectly if:

  • This is your first multicooker - you can evaluate this device, understand how it works and what functions are needed;
  • you have a stove and an oven to help (for example, to prepare products on the stove and put the stew in a slow cooker);
  • you prepare a minimum of dishes, only for yourself;
  • ease of control is important to you (especially recommended for the lazy, for beginners in cooking, as well as for the elderly);
  • you cook for children (milk porridges, omelets, steam cakes, the possibility of delaying the start, cooking while walking).


Simple, beautiful, inexpensive - these are the three main characteristics of the SC-410 multicooker. Inspect it carefully when buying, use it carefully - and it will help you to cook almost any dish.

Watch the video: Scarlett SC 410. (December 2019).