11 best vitamins for hair

Multivitamins under the magnifying glass - a detailed review from our expert

Manufacturers of dietary supplements throw consumers with promising promises from the labels of their products. Is everything so sweet and smooth, or would it be necessary to spread the straw somewhere? We look for flaws and praise the merits of the best vitamins for hair!

Top Hair Vitamins Ranking - TOP 11


Packing volume

Average price in rubles / pcs.




60 tablets


Verteks, Russia

9 out of 10


30 capsules


Vitabiotics, UK

9 out of 10

Inneov (Inneov) "Hair density"

60 tablets


Inneov Lab, France

10 out of 10


60 tablets


Dansk farmaceutisk industri, Denmark

10 out of 10

Mertz Beauty

60 dragees (2 pack.)


Merz, Germany

10 out of 10


30 tablets


Veropharm, Russia

9 out of 10

Vitrum beauty (Vitrum Beauty)

30 tablets


Unipharm, Inc., USA

10 out of 10


60 capsules


KRKA, Slovenia

8 out of 10


30 capsules


TEVA Private Ltd. Co., Hungary

10 out of 10


90 capsules


Merz, Germany

10 out of 10

Lady, s formula "Healthy hair and nails"

60 tablets


PharmaMed, USA

10 out of 10

Alerana - a popular means to strengthen brittle hair

Estimated price: 470 rubles for a pack of 60 tablets

What stands out: Dual day-night formula for round-the-clock recovery

Why in the ranking: The drug is recommended by leading trichologists of Russia, as the optimal set of essential vitamins for hair beauty. Budget supplement effectively fights hair loss, brittle hair as a result of stress and poor ecology

Our rating: 9/10. Vitamin-mineral drug is aimed at solving acute problems and acts in this regard without fail. But the growth rate of hair has almost no effect, because we steal 1 point from “Alerana”

Customer reviews about vitamins for Aleran's hair:

“... 3 years ago from stress my hair fell down just awful !!! In the pharmacy I bought Aleran, I did not hope for anything, but the loss stopped, the hair returned to its original state, I was very pleased! ... ”

“... it is convenient that vitamins are divided into day and night - absorbed better than ordinary multi-complexes. After a month of taking me, even new hairs began to grow! ... ”

Perfectil - the best in the ranking of vitamins for hair loss

Estimated price: 513 rubles for a package with 30 capsules

What stands out: the presence of extracts of the miraculous echinacea and bardana root

Why in the ranking: Not the cheapest vitamin, but according to doctors - one of the best among the drugs with herbal ingredients in the composition. Vitamin "dance" of 25 active components in a short time allows you to stop hair loss, strengthening the follicles

Our rating: 9/10. An impressive number of respondents complain of problems with the stomach, symptomatic nausea while taking Perfectil. For such unpleasant side effects we deprive the drug 1 point

Customer Reviews of Perfectil Vitamins:

“... the price of hoo what, but the result definitely exceeded all my hopes! In the fall I will break into a new monthly course ... "

"... after pregnancy, two courses in a row drank due to massive hair loss - Perfectil helped me ..."

Innov "Hair density" - good vitamins for density and extreme hair growth

Estimated price: 1244 rubles for 60 tablets

What stands out: the presence of a powerful antioxidant (taurine) - the protector of hair follicles from damage

Why in the ranking: Mega-popular French complex for emergency hair restoration. Thanks to the polyphenols of the active components (green tea, grape seeds) it increases the microcirculation of blood, therefore, a high-quality inflow of vitamins to the hair. Enriched with zinc, which is involved in important keratin synthesis

Our rating: 10/10 Impeccable product with perfect characteristics appreciated. Health, beauty and hair growth - 3 in 1 from the "Inne"!

Customer reviews:

“... Inneov - the best for hair! Only they approached me: the stomach did not hurt, did not nausea, the hair became stronger ... "

"... the third year I drink this complex, the hair structure has become gorgeous, grows faster, but the result does not immediately appear, the main thing is to drink to the end the pills ..."

“... after washing my hair fell out a lot, tried more budgetary vitamins, but really felt the benefits of Inna ...”

Femikod - vitamins for complex strengthening hair

Estimated price: about 1063 rubles for 60 tablets

What stands out: the presence of natural silicon (horsetail) and a whole spectrum of vitamins from group B

Why in the ranking: a well-established Danish brand with an enviable reputation. Appreciation drug gives the Medical Association of our fatherland. The complex is designed for both prophylactic administration and treatment of hair loss, dry hair, etc. The presence of biotin in the composition pushes the drug into the ranks of the best stimulants of accelerated hair growth.

Our rating: 10/10 Credible vitamin complex leads a fierce war with the imperfections of the hair from the inside and, judging by the enthusiastic reviews, very effective!

Customer reviews:

"... after the course" Femikoda "not only that the hair became shiny, so also my acne disappeared somewhere - that's a marvel! ..."

"... because of the diet, she ruined her hair and nails (((Femikod escaped. Hair really got better, better groomed or something ..."

Mertz Beauty - the best multivitamin for hair for young mothers

Estimated price: 880 rubles a couple of packs of 30 tablets

What stands out: the classic combination of vitamins supplements iron; ideal for expectant and nursing moms as a source of vitamins

Why in the ranking: An authoritative German universal drug cares not only about the health of the hair, but also of the whole body. "Mertz Beauty" gently restores "exhausted" by dyeing and curling hair, without requiring additional care

Our rating: 10/10 Effective vitamins, reviving beauty with health: +10 points for "Mertz Beauty"

Customer reviews about Merz Beauty vitamins:

“... I received the vitamin as a gift, did not believe in the effect, but I took the risk that the good should not disappear. And the miracle happened! Hair stopped to climb - buy more packaging to secure the result ... "

“... Ay, yes the Germans, ah, yes well done! Not even doubted the effectiveness of these vitamins. Her hair is shiny - lovely, everyone is jealous, I recommend her friends "Merz" ... "

Vitasharm - the most inexpensive hair vitamins from the premium sector

Estimated price: only about 170 rubles for 30 beauty pills

What stands out: contains nicotinamide

Why in the ranking: Despite the poverty of the basic vitamin “cocktail”, represented by the group - A, B1, B2, B6, as well as calcium pantothenate, the effect of Vitasharm intake is fantastic! Silky, elastic hair without a hint of weakness and loss. The secret is simple: the less vitamins enter the body one-time, the higher their digestibility rate!

Our rating: 9/10. "Vitasharm" could get 10 rating units, but compared to other contestants it looks sluggish because of the scarcity of the composition and the lack of exotic components - we should keep up with the times. But for the trick of the manufacturer give him a solid 9 points

Customer reviews about vitamins for Vitasharm hair:

“... stimulates hair growth - that's for sure, I felt it on myself! I put 5 points out of 5 ... "

“... for such ridiculous money - this is a super drug! I am satisfied with Vitasharm vitamins, my hair has become stronger ... ”

Vitrum Beauty: “Grow, braid, to the waist ...”

Estimated price: 626 rubles for 30 tablets

What stands out: enriched with folic and pantothenic acids

Why in the ranking: The drug can be called the American brother of the German "Mertz Beauty", both are the leading favorites of our electoral compatriots. The composition of VITRUM is universal: the standard range of vitamins and minerals is supplemented with calcium and iron. The drug with an integrated approach to beauty and, I must say, very competent. Hair after a monthly course grows by leaps and bounds!

Our rating: 10/10 A long-time favorite dietary supplement with a rational approach to women's health

Customer reviews about Vitrum Beauty:

“... I am engaged in dancing professionally and permanently, stress badly reflected in the hair. Thanks to the “vitrum beauty”, the hair structure has noticeably improved, it has become less falling out. And the price is excellent for vitamins))) ... "

"... on the advice of a doctor because of hair loss bought Vitrum, did not expect such a result - excellent vitamins for hair ..."

Fitoval - inexpensive multivitamins to strengthen lifeless hair

Estimated price: 310 rubles / 60 capsules (cheap, however ...)

What stands out: consisting of medical yeast

Why in the ranking: mediocre components of Fitoval and would not pay close attention of the consumer to the drug, if not yeast - it is they who intrusively stimulate the saturation of the hair bulbs with “food”, leading to a balance of metabolic processes

Our rating: 8/10. Extreme hair growth is not for Fitoval, although it copes with recovery with a bang. Minor gastrointestinal disorders during admission noticed many women. True, the price is quite adequate to the declared quality, which means we only lose 2 points.

Customer reviews about multivitamins Fitoval:

“... the result is noticeable only after the 3rd package, but it's worth it! With Fitoval, I restored my hair completely after an unfortunate bleaching ... ”

“... I recommend, girls! The side is not replaced. The hair from them grows stronger, they do not split at all! ... ”

Revalid - professionally protects hair from falling out

Estimated price: 340 rubles / 30 capsules

What stands out: replete with an abundance of natural ingredients

Why in the ranking: Yeast, extracts of millet and wheat germ in the list of active elements speak for themselves. Methionine, para-aminobenzoic acid and others are aimed at strengthening the hair shaft. Hungarian remedy for high-quality care of hair does not only stop hair loss, but is also popular in medicine as a universal healer of ailments, which result in “problematic” hair

Our rating: 10/10 earned itself "Revalid" - a vitamin fighter for luxurious hair

Customer reviews about Revalid vitamins:

“... vitamins for young mummies! I quickly restored my once-awesome shock of hair with them ... ”

"... after taking Revalid, the hair became so soft, soft to the touch and it glitters very strongly - beauty, I am satisfied ..."

Pantovigar - a universal medicine for strengthening and growing hair

Estimated price: 1379 rubles for 90 capsules

What stands out: is a drug - not a dietary supplement!

Why in the ranking: another worthy representative of the German company "Merz". Hair damage by UV radiation or aggressive chemical exposure, hair loss due to non-hormonal ailments is not a complete list of problems that Pantovigar offers a solution. Having in the battle arsenal a storehouse of priceless weapons (talc, keratin, povidone, yeast) is soundly recommended for use by doctors

Our rating: 10/10 The Germans once again were ahead of the rest! - Created a great medicine for hair

Customer reviews:

“... the result is on the face! I have been using Pantovigar for a long time and I am not going to change the brand. My hair is delighted with this drug ... "

"... the density and silkiness you provided! Every six months I take them, fix the result) there are no rashes and the stomach does not hurt from them ... "

Name: Lady 's formula "Healthy Hair and Nails" - multivitamins donated by nature

Estimated price: 643 rubles for 60 tablets

What stands out: made in canada. Contains valuable iodine, zinc. Allowed to use from 12 years

Why in the ranking: It is widely used in the complex treatment of hair diseases, polyhypovitaminosis, with the duration of diets with poor diet / fasting, smoking. In short, it allows you to maintain / restore health to your hair in adverse conditions: stress, diet, etc. The list of constituent elements includes as many as 29 vitamins, minerals, including burdock root, known to stimulate hair growth. And silicon, along with the rest of the "ingredients" increases the elasticity and elasticity of the hair shaft

Our rating: 10/10 Super-popular, enriched with natural micro-and macro-elements, the American drug has proven itself in the Russian market

Customer reviews about multivitamins for hair Lady 's formula:

“... focused vitamins. My burned hair is like a balm. Restored 8 months to a decent state. I recommend Ledis Formula to everyone! ... ”

“... my favorite vitamins. After fasting, the hair suffered very much, as did the skin. This complex helped me to restore the beauty of the hair, they became even better than they were, really ... "

And finally ... What vitamins for hair is better to buy?

Among the huge selection of highly effective dietary supplements difficult to navigate the right choice. Of course, each of the presented “healers” for hair has the honorary title of “Best,” and their long-term reception will be effective. But based on your own desires and goals, you can choose multivitamins, which can easily solve individually assigned tasks. It is important to remember that strengthening and restoring hair is a time-consuming process and the dizzying effect of one or another miracle drug should be waited not earlier than a month or two after starting taking multivitamins. Let your curls be healthy!

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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