4 best radiotelephones

Mobile communications for couch potatoes

Despite the dominance of smartphones, cordless phones are still in demand. Basically, they are bought as office equipment, but they are also loved by housewives, retired people and everyone who likes to chat on the phone, sitting comfortably in a chair and sipping flavored tea. Here is the rating of the most favorite radio telephones among Russians over the past couple of years: you will find your favorite model in most stores, and believe me, it will not disappoint you!

Ranking of the best radio telephones in 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best low-cost home telephones1Alcatel Smile8.2 / 102 050
2Gigaset A1168.0 / 101 200
Best Voice Mail Receiver1Gigaset C620A8.5 / 104 200
The best self-powered cordless phone1Panasonic KX-TGF3208.7 / 106 277

The best low-cost home telephones

Alcatel Smile
2 050

The main advantage of this radio telephone is a very convenient form factor, almost a classic. Moreover, the design of the device provides the ability to automatically answer the call and end the call by simply lifting the handset and returning it to the base. At the same time, their mutual orientation has no value for the process of charging the battery. Up to 5 handsets can work with one base, the phone book is shared. The model allows you to organize a three-way conference and transfer call. There is a display backlight, a search function for the handset and the possibility of assigning different melodies to subscribers. True, the last chip should also be supported by a telecom operator.

Main advantages:
  • conferencing, call transfer;
  • charging in any position of the tube on the base;
  • there is a search function;
  • high ergonomics.
  • no button illumination.
8.2 / 10
I recommend a good phone. Lightweight, completely weightless tube. It is possible to put different tunes to the desired numbers.
Gigaset A116
1 200

The most budget radio in our ranking. The simplest wireless model, which has almost basic functionality. The backlight buttons and the display, as well as the ability to search for the lost tube is not here, so for a home such a radio telephone is not very convenient. On the other hand, the Gigaset A116 does not support circuitry and firmware work with additional handsets, therefore, this radio telephone is not the best choice for a busy office. But here you can easily install high-capacity batteries, i.e. stretch the already rather big time of continuous negotiations to one and a half to two days. Of the characteristic flaws, it is worth noting the not very high volume of the pre-installed ringing melodies.

Main advantages:
  • democratic price tag;
  • supports Caller ID;
  • high quality rubber buttons;
  • allows the use of high-capacity batteries.
  • no backlight buttons and display;
  • does not have a tube search function;
  • does not allow to connect additional tubes;
  • average volume of ringing melodies.
8.0 / 10
Attracted the cost of the radio and the production of Germany. For its price copes with everything you need. It is very light, easy to use. As a ringtone, you can choose one of ten.

Best Voice Mail Receiver

Gigaset C620A
4 200

The ability to record an important telephone conversation can sometimes turn out to be simply invaluable, but it is not such a large number of current models that provides it. In this series, the Gigaset C620A radiotelephone is allocated with a decent time resource of the built-in digital voice recorder, as well as the overall advancement of its answering machine. Of the other nice chips, it is worth mentioning the ability to automatically change the volume of calls depending on the time of day, the “baby monitor” function, a capacious phone book with support for reminders and the presence of several categories of unwanted subscribers at once. It is only necessary to keep in mind that they will start working fully only after subscribing to the paid Caller ID service (from the operator) and activating the corresponding mode in the settings.

Main advantages:
  • many useful and practical functions;
  • three lists of unwanted calls;
  • answering machine for 55 minutes;
  • high autonomy;
  • sufficiently capacious phone book with a calendar of events;
  • good level of sensitivity.
  • not the simplest and slightly “slowed down” menu system.
8.5 / 10
The speaker is loud, you can hear the interlocutor and you are fine, the phone is conveniently in your hand, you will not find anything better for your money. More than a week goes without a base with constant daily conversations. Blacklist, baby monitor and a lot of things, even the alarm clock is thought out to the smallest detail.

The best self-powered cordless phone

Panasonic KX-TGF320
6 277

Next in the ranking of the best radio telephones - Panasonic KX-TGF320. This model will allow you to stay connected even after an emergency power outage. By the way, if necessary, charged batteries from its base can be quickly rearranged into the desired handset. These chips are already quite useful and practical, but not only they determine the solid value of the KX-TGF320. The base unit has a huge informative screen with adjustable tilt and backlight, intuitive user-friendly controls, as well as impressive functionality. Up to 6 handsets are supported, there is a custom night mode, a “baby monitor”, 12 speed dialing buttons and one for the blacklisting of the calling number instantly. With the quality of communication, the KX-TGF320 is also great. And both in terms of the range of confident reception, and in terms of the intelligibility of the voices of the interlocutors.

Main advantages:
  • the base can operate on an autonomous power source;
  • advanced functionality;
  • special settings to improve the quality of communication;
  • excellent ergonomics.
  • limited address book features;
  • large dimensions of the base.
8.7 / 10
The answering machine is convenient, the audibility is ideal due to the noise cancellation function. We have blacklisted all advertisements and unwanted subscribers, and all numbers have been added to the phone book. Now, about who is calling the phone reports voice.

In recent years, telephone spam has become a real disaster. Unfortunately, there are practically no effective legal ways to deal with it, so we have to spend time and nerves on daily listening to all sorts of promotional offers. Even the presence of a “black list” in a radiotelephone does not guarantee their absence, as far as it is possible, it is limited to remembering 20-50 contact numbers. For a home, the best option would be a model of a radio telephone with the support of a “white list”, but these were mainly produced by domestic companies and practically disappeared from sale. Please note that some of the declared AON systems are no longer relevant for our communication networks. The running service is now Caller ID, but you will have to pay extra for using it.

Have a good shopping!

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