10 best circular saws

Saw, Shura, sawing ... And it will be easier with an electric saw!

Those who had to work with a hacksaw for several hours do not need to explain the advantages of the circular saw - it can cut sheet material or thick boards directly and evenly in such a time that the hacksaw can just start drinking. However, such a tool will be useful not only in professional practice, and the demand for amateur circular saws confirms this: a good inexpensive tool will not burden the budget, but it will always help in the work. It is also important that hand-held circular saws are safer than conventional circular saws, the safety technique in the operation of which you need to know your seven fingers.

Main applications of circular saws:

  • Finishing and carpentry work: cutting sheet materials (laminate, chipboard, OSB, plywood) and thin boards (platbands, wall paneling, block house, parquet).
  • Carpentry construction work: cross-cutting and longitudinal sawing of boards and cant up to 100 mm.
  • Heavy work (construction of a house from a bar, preparation of firewood): cross-cutting and longitudinal sawing of a bar and log with a thickness of 100 - 200 mm.

Therefore, today we will aim at a review of several market segments at once - from compact models with a shallow depth of cut to professional models that can cut a thick timber with minimal time. What should I choose, bypassing the stores of the tool in 2018?

Rating the best circular saws in 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top compact circular saws1DIOLD DP-0.55 MF9.6 / 104 910
2BOSCH PKS 16 Multi9.2 / 108 163
3Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit8.9 / 105 841
The best circular saw blades for discs up to 190 mm in diameter1Makita HS76019.7 / 108 330
2BOSCH GKS 1909.5 / 109 010
3Metabo KS 55 FS9.4 / 109 999
4STANLEY STSC16189.0 / 105 225
The best circular saws for large diameter discs1Makita 5143R9.7 / 1049 010
Best cordless circular saws1DeWALT DCS576N9.6 / 1016 200
2BOSCH GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box9.4 / 1029 713

Top compact circular saws

4 910

The circular saw from the “Sino-Russian” manufacturer unexpectedly came out on top in this rating, although, it would seem, it has quite a few famous competitors. However, in practice, most brand-name saws for small disks (they are also rotorayzers) are rechargeable, so when choosing a network circular saw, here we are actually going through exclusively amateur models.

Well, in terms of price-performance-functionality, this is a good saw. Of course, the manufacturer didn’t really bother with ergonomics, but in work it is quite convenient, and the power of a 550-watt motor for disks with a diameter of up to 85 mm is enough for normal. The depth of the cut can reach up to 25 mm.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided for adjustment of turns. Therefore, when working with materials that produce small and light chips, it is worthwhile to immediately provide a dust extraction system, otherwise the impeller for cooling the high-speed collector engine will disperse dust throughout the district.

“Diold” has a worm gearbox, which is preferable to the belt segment for the budget segment. The main thing is not to forget about the high-quality lubricant and not to overload the saw, so that the worm and the gear they cause are not damaged.

Main advantages:
  • Comfortable enough grip
  • Case included
  • Thin side rail bracket
  • No rpm adjustment
9.6 / 10
Great helper for cheap. When repairing a mini-circular, it was useful more than once, and it definitely repaired its money.
BOSCH PKS 16 Multi
8 163

At Bosch, network circular saws for small circles were found only in the “green” group of amateur tools, and the circle here is really small: 65 mm. With it, PKS 16 Multi provides no more than 16 mm of cutting, and sometimes up to 16 slightly falls short. So, if the work is supposed exclusively with thin sheet material, it will be in its place.

Immediately, we note the ergonomics: there are no complaints to Bosch, everything is traditionally on top. The main thing is not to confuse the saw with the iron and not to saw the ironing board, the grip is very similar. And it is really more convenient than those of saws, which have to be held right behind the motor housing, uncomfortable turning out the brush. In the same way, it is convenient to change the discs - press the side lever to fold the platform, and from the bottom of the case you find the lock. Now you can pin it down and quietly unscrew the disk with a hexagon. And pressing the lock automatically locks the power button - long live safety!

The specific design of the platform, which is strongly protruding forward (plus a disk covers the light shield), required for the control of the cut line to add a folding indicator-frame CutControl. Since it is relatively far from the cutting point, the slightest deviations become immediately visible.

In general, the “Bosch” leaves a good impression, and it connects to the vacuum cleaner without any problems. But nevertheless we will lower points of a rating of this circular saw, having remembered the high price and a small depth of cutting.

Main advantages:
  • Sophisticated ergonomics
  • Comfortable noise level
  • Convenient depth adjustment
  • Limited cutting depth
  • The start is not very convenient (I can't see the disc)
  • Disk tilt is not adjustable
9.2 / 10
I liked first of all for convenience - there is definitely five, there are few vibrations on the soft handle. But here the 18-mm sheet had to be cut, I would like to cut more depth.
Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit
5 841

The Einhell attracts with a comfortable grip - although it is necessary to hold the saw directly behind the engine, its body is properly profiled, and it is also equipped with linings. However, in the future, the impression is spoiled by a small engine power of 450 W - for discs of 85 mm, this is not so much. The depth of the cut comes to 23 mm, that is, the cheaper “Diold” saw loses both in performance and in capabilities: sometimes these two millimeters of difference in the depth of the cut are not enough!

But the Einhell circular saw was finally lowered to the “bottom” of the rating of the disc replacement procedure. Lock button? This solution seemed to the developer not sufficiently brutal, and here it is necessary to work with two hexagons at once: one holds the spindle, the second unscrews the clamping screw. Moreover, the rotation on the shaft of the saw blade is transmitted from the gearbox through a microscopic toothed belt, and this is an extra consumable that needs to be replaced. But, to the credit of the manufacturer, it is impossible not to mention the presence of an automatic blocking of the engine - when the engine is overloaded, the motor shuts off until you unlock it with a separate button, so that breaking the belt, accidentally jamming the disk, will not work.

Main advantages:
  • Comfortable grip
  • Automatic overload protection
  • The presence of a gear belt in the gearbox
  • Inconvenient disk replacement
8.9 / 10
Work comfortably, but there is a feeling of some kind of undivided, or something. The strap took about a year, the new one ordered.

The best circular saw blades for discs up to 190 mm in diameter

Makita HS7601
8 330

This good ergonomic circular saw with a 1.2-kilowatt motor works with 190 mm discs and really does a great job with its work. Incline adjustment is provided up to 45 degrees, and a solid cast platform inspires confidence in quality - they didn’t try to save money by stamping a thin “tin”.

The engine is equipped with reliable dust protection, as befits a professional tool. And if you look at the casing of the motor, you can find on it the inscription “Made in the UK” - in our time, when, if you don’t find the famous “Made in China”, it will be replaced by the bashful euphemism “Made in PRC”, this is in itself, gives the "Makite" a plus sign to the points in the ranking of the best circular saws.

Vibrates the saw during operation significantly, but, fortunately, the handles are equipped with high-quality soft lining, and with long-term work, the vibrations do not tire. And this is not triviality - the author, who managed in practice during his work at the plant to get acquainted with the vibration disease of the first degree, it guarantees. It takes only a hexagon: for it a lock is provided on the case, but a strong vibration sometimes causes the key to fall out.

Dust removal done properly - the dust from the direction of the cut is blown away by the air flow, without interfering with the control of the movement path.

Main advantages:
  • Durability, build quality
  • Weight 4 kg does not interfere with work
  • Handle Vibration Protection
  • When cutting grooves there is not enough indicator of the depth of immersion - the saw is oriented primarily to sawing
  • Poor hex key wrench
9.7 / 10
The jerk when turned on is not strong, the saw itself sits perfectly in the hands, cuts easily. At the dacha construction, and then in the workshop showed itself from the best side.
9 010

“Bosch” falls into second place in the ranking of the best circular saws because of the stupidest, in fact, savings: instead of a cast platform, stamping was used here, for exact cutting of corners for joining, not entirely suitable for the word “completely”. But, having a 1400-watt motor and the ability to work with disks with a diameter of up to 190 mm (and, if desired, fit 200-millimeter), Bosch could claim to be a leader in the rating.

What is worth noting among the unambiguous advantages is the adjustment of the inclination of cutting up to 56 degrees and the depth of cut at a right angle of 70 mm - Bosch outperforms all other competitors in these characteristics, and we will approve the expansion of functionality at a comparable price by all means. The saw is able to work with a variety of materials without experiencing overload: the selected power is just there.

But do not forget about the respirator and glasses: in an effort to ensure the cleanliness of the working area for the best control of the cutting direction, Bosch installed such a powerful blower here that the chips literally fly apart in all directions during cutting. Because of this, the efficiency of dust extraction when connecting the hood, alas, is not as great as we would like.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent performance
  • Greatest depth of cut in this class
  • Big range of adjustment of a tilt angle
  • Sensibly weak extruded platform
  • Excess fan power
9.5 / 10
"Bosch" made a really reliable and powerful working tool, but not for precise cutting - sometimes you have to take another saw purely because of the cast platform.
Metabo KS 55 FS
9 999

Excellent circular saw, combining performance and ergonomics - all that we love Metabo. However, according to her capabilities, she lost to “Makit” and “Bosch” due to the use of 160-millimeter disks, so she would have to put her in third place.

We note the convenience of controlling the direction of the cut, both at a right angle and with a slope. Inclined cutting is possible at angles up to 47 degrees, while the depth of cut is reduced from 55 to 39 mm. It is possible to work on the bus. The processing quality of cast parts does not cause rejection, despite the transfer of production to China. There is also the possibility of setting the exact "zero" of the angular scale, which is definitely necessary when cutting several parts for joining.

The level of vibrations transmitted to the hands, here does not go beyond what is reasonable, for which we say “thank you” to the vibration insulation pads familiar to other Metabo equipment.

Main advantages:
  • Ergonomics
  • Performance
  • Exact angle adjustment
  • Compatible with tires from different manufacturers
  • The discharge of chips in all directions makes working without a vacuum cleaner uncomfortable
9.4 / 10
It is assembled well, the backlash of the spindle (if moving over the edge of the disk) is barely perceptible, unlike the horror stories from the Internet. You can work for a long time without fatigue.
5 225

A relatively inexpensive circular saw even surpasses the eminent rating leaders in terms of power - here a 1.6 kW motor drives a 185 mm circle. So to the performance of the cutting claims will not be accurate. And the maximum cutting depth reaches 62 mm, in which Stanley loses only to “Makite” and “Bosch”. The angle of inclination can be adjusted in the range of 45 degrees.

But we note right away that if you are going to use the saw often, you still need to dig for a higher grade item. Let's start with the platform - at Stanley it is not cast, but stamped, which unequivocally indicates “amateur”, and the parallel emphasis traditionally for this class is hlipkovat. But the most important thing is that the handle, although covered with “pimples” for a more reliable grip, is not equipped with an anti-vibration overlay - after working with a professional saw, you will immediately notice this minus Stanley.

Main advantages:
  • Good performance
  • Reliable engine with good cooling
  • Good overview of the cutting place
  • Weak stamped platform
  • No soft start, with such power already highly desirable
9.0 / 10
I got a good impression about the Stanley tool, I also took a saw of this brand. Well, not the blue "Bosch" for picking and bells and whistles, but then the price is lower - and it cuts as it should.

The best circular saws for large diameter discs

Makita 5143R
49 010

This is a real delight for the eyes of a born gigantoman: here Makita used disks as much as 355 millimeters in diameter, which involuntarily makes one suspiciously often look at the undergrowth behind the house and especially noisy neighbors. Not inferior and weight of 14.5 kg, to work with this circular saw is to pump up - a considerable contribution to the weight makes the 2.2 kW motor. But at a right angle the saw is able to overpower a depth of up to 130 mm, and when tilted at 45 degrees - up to 95 mm.

Naturally, the engine is equipped with a smooth start, otherwise using this monster would be unsafe. For safety, spindle braking and an automatic clutch system are provided, which is activated when the disc is locked during cutting.

Main advantages:
  • Security
  • High power
  • Deep cutting depth
  • Weight and dimensions
9.7 / 10
Saw a thick timber? Yes Easy! In the sense of sawing is easy, it’s still not very heavy for the hands.

Best cordless circular saws

16 200

If you thought earlier that cordless circular saws are a low-power palliative for cases when there are no sockets on hand, and you don’t feel like dragging a gas generator, DeWALT can definitely shake this confidence. One and a half kilowatts of power per a 190-millimeter circle - does it exactly work on batteries? Yes, the cordless saw, capable of competing in performance with many network ones, really works from branded FlexVolt lithium-ionics 54 volts. Note that the motor here, like the other DeWALT cordless tools, is applied brushless, which gives advantages both to the efficiency of the charge consumption and to the ease of maintenance: no regular replacement of brushes and arcing during operation.

Without a battery (by the way, the price is traditionally indicated also “without”), the saw weighs 3.7 kg, so even after connecting the power supply it will not cause discomfort with excessive weight. A battery with a capacity of 2 ampere hours is enough for an average hour of intensive work with a saw: an excellent result with such power.

Main advantages:
  • Ergonomics
  • Brushless motor
  • Excellent performance
  • Uncommon batteries (we are traditionally pushed to buy the same-brand cordless tools in the workshop)
  • Incompatibility with tires from other manufacturers
9.6 / 10
In no way inferior to the network saws, so it will always help out! Accumulators are expensive, but it makes sense to buy something else to replace the old instrument, it will be more profitable to replace the old instrument.
BOSCH GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box
29 713

We chose this professional Bosch circular saw in the most convenient for mobility configuration - with a box and two batteries. If you already have a Bosch tool for 18-volt batteries, then you can choose a cheaper package.

The 165 mm disc used here allows work with kerfs up to 57 mm deep. Yes, this saw doesn’t reach DeWalt by possibilities, but it pays off by using some of the most common batteries.

Ergonomics, as befits the "blue Bosch", is thought out to the smallest detail, the handle fits well in the hand and has soft lining.But again, as in the case of the GKS 190, I want to ask: “For what?”. For what, Gd, did you deprive the Boshevts of reason and made them put stamped platforms on a professional series? Therefore, whatever one may say, this circular saw will have to lower the rating score again.

Main advantages:
  • Automatic brake
  • Use of common batteries
  • Convenience in work
  • Weak platform
9.4 / 10
For cutting, not particularly exacting to accuracy, a great tool. There are enough batteries for a long time, besides, I have the same ones on the screwdriver.

What to look for when choosing a circular saw?

When deciding which circular saw is better to buy, in addition to the obvious (disc size, power), be sure to appreciate the rigidity of the platform: if cheap punching is “walking”, it will be very difficult to achieve accurate cutting at an angle. And this means that when docking individual elements cut by such a saw, gaps and cracks remain.

Safety systems will not be superfluous: a fast rotating saw blade can cause serious injuries. If there is a protective cover on the saw, which opens automatically at the beginning of cutting and closes when the saw passes to the end “into the air”, then it should walk easily in different positions. Automatic brake for large diameter discs can be considered mandatory. Does not interfere with the protection mechanism when locking the disc - an electronic switch or mechanical coupling. Have a good shopping!

Watch the video: Best Circular Saw 2019 TOP 10 Circular Saws (December 2019).