Top 15 No Frost Refrigerators

Self Fridge Rating
Author: Oleg Yasinsky

On the market of refrigeration equipment, equipped with an automatic defrosting system, there are hundreds of models from dozens of manufacturers. Which refrigerator to choose? Naturally the best! To do this, check out our ranking of the best refrigerators with the No Frost system and make the right choice.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Cheap No Frost Refrigerators1Atlant XM 4426-009ND9.7 / 1027 685
2Samsung RB-30 J3000 WW9.7 / 1031 850
3Shivaki BMR-2014DNFW9.6 / 1024 875
4ATLANT XM 4424-089 ND9.5 / 1026 785
The best refrigerators of No Frost of the classical size (width of 60 cm)1Samsung RB-RB41J7861S49.8 / 1069 990
2Mitsubishi MR-CR46G-ST-R9.7 / 1065 990
3Bosch KGN39VI21R9.6 / 1049 130
4Daewoo Electronics RNV-3310 GCHS9.5 / 1045 000
5LG GA-B429SMQZ9.4 / 1038 271
The best wide two-chamber refrigerators No Frost1Hitachi R-VG542PU3GBK9.9 / 1096 950
2Panasonic NR-BY602XC9.7 / 1096 950
3Vestfrost VF 566 MSLV9.5 / 1082 990
Best Side by Side Refrigerators with No Frost System1Samsung RS62K6130S89.7 / 1095 830
2LG GC-B247 JVUV9.6 / 1075 017
Best Built-In No Frost Refrigerator1Samsung BRB260030WW9.8 / 1053 545
2Siemens KI39FP609.6 / 10155 990
Top Premium No Frost Refrigerators1Mitsubishi Electric MR-WXR627Z-BR-R10 / 10225 990
2Hitachi R-G630GUXK9.9 / 10309 950

Best Cheap No Frost Refrigerators

Atlant XM 4426-009ND
27 685

This Belarusian refrigerator, despite the affordable price tag, according to the manufacturer’s classification, represents the Full No Frost Premium series. And this means that ice and frost in both its chambers is not formed, and the owners can forget about manual defrosting. The design of the model is a good combination of style and practicality. Handles integrated into the door.

About dimensions: height - 206.8, classic width - 59.5, depth - 62.5 cm. For roominess, the refrigerator is closer to the Western European format: an average freezer size of 85 liters plus a large refrigeration compartment - 247 liters (usable volume). The upper chamber is equipped with 4 adjustable height and one fixed glass shelves, two boxes for fruits and vegetables. In the bottom - 3 transparent containers and a form for ice.

Reviews of Atlant refrigerators are sometimes mixed, but mostly positive. And even inveterate skeptics cannot dispute the fact that the warranty period of 3 years is a good bonus, which most “cool” brands cannot boast of.

Main advantages:
  • Class A power consumption;
  • Convenient and stylish electronic controls on the outside of the door;
  • Modes "Supercooling", "Superfreezing", "Vacation", "Cooling drinks";
  • Audible alarm unlocked door (after 60 seconds);
  • Multi-flow air supply system Smart Air Flow.
  • Sound power level - 43 dB (A);
  • A regular 15-watt bulb as a backlight.
9.7 / 10
Big beautiful refrigerator with full no frost. It can’t be called so silent, but the sound is not particularly annoying and gradually stopped paying attention. It was a little fun that in the presence of an LCD touch screen outside, there was an antediluvian light bulb inside.
Samsung RB-30 J3000 WW
31 850

Opens our ranking of the best refrigerators No Frost cute and relatively inexpensive automatic refrigerator from the Korean brand. Of course, it is not so budget, but for its characteristics it is very well equipped, and therefore it is rightfully considered one of the best in its class. Interestingly, with external compactness (height 178 cm), the model has a good usable volume of 311 liters.

Full No Frost for Samsung is the absolute norm. The lower freezer (98 l) is equipped with 3 drawers with transparent lids. No frost and frost, products retain their shape and useful qualities better. The refrigerator compartment (213 l) is also free from condensate, and the only non-“dry” place is a sealed container for vegetables and fruits, where moisture is necessary to preserve their freshness.

The Samsung RB-30 J3000WW compressor is an inverter with a 10-year warranty. Hence, low power consumption of class A + (272 kWh / year) and comfortable noise level of 40 dB (A). Made model in Poland. There is an analogue of silver color.

Main advantages:
  • All-around Cooling technology that provides uniform cooling of products at all levels;
  • Economical and pleasant appearance LED-lighting;
  • Retractable shelf;
  • Signal of a tightly closed door;
  • Super freeze function.
  • There is no zero zone;
  • The first days smell plastic.
9.7 / 10
I chose from reviews a good modern No Frost refrigerator at an adequate price. Satisfied. Looks decent, freezes great. Retractable shelf is not to say that is very convenient, but I think we get used to it. Roomy for its size.
Shivaki BMR-2014DNFW
24 875

Interesting fridge No Frost Kaliningrad assembly. Surprisingly, at the more than affordable price, Shivaki BMR-2014DNFW does not give the impression of a budget product, which often happens with the products of Russian factories. The design is nice and modern, good equipment, after all, full of no frost. For management is responsible external touch-LED display.

Model 2-meter, more precisely - 201 cm, classic width - 59.5. Freezer - bottom with 3 transparent boxes with a total capacity of 76 liters. The volume of the refrigerator is even decent - 250 l. Inside - glass shelves, vegetable box, LED lights, 4 rows of door pockets.

The color of the refrigerator under consideration is white, but there is a complete functional equivalent with a more expensive stainless steel facade design - BMR-2014DNFX. Impressive energy efficiency class A ++.

Main advantages:
  • Attractive price tag;
  • Low noise - 40 dB;
  • Accelerated cooling function;
  • The possibility of re-hanging doors;
  • Convenient hidden handles.
  • Simple non-inverter compressor;
  • The small size of the freezer.
9.6 / 10
Quiet and comfortable fridge. Against the background of other inexpensive No Frost varieties in its price range looks more attractive. And he is very economical. In the use of the 3rd month, while everything is great.
ATLANT XM 4424-089 ND
26 785

The presented model is not a budget, but it is inexpensive. In the ranking, it turned out to be due to an affordable price with optimal quality and functionality, comparable to those of noticeably more expensive No Frost refrigerators. Atlant XM 4421-009 ND has medium dimensions, but at the same time is quite capacious.

The model belongs to the series 4400 ND "Full No Frost Premium" (sounds good with this price tag). This means that frost does not form in both chambers and the owners of the refrigerator do not need to defrost it. Separately, it is worth noting a convenient electronic control unit on the top door and robust "recessed" handles.

Of course, you can find No Frost refrigerators at a lower price (Indesit, Beko). But in this case, the buyer unwittingly becomes a member of a kind of lottery. Most of the budget models are not very high quality assembly and cheap components (as well as cheap "odorous" plastic).

Main advantages:
  • Attractive price;
  • Excellent design, control on the door;
  • Spaciousness.
  • The backlight is a simple incandescent lamp.
9.5 / 10
Long chose a new inexpensive refrigerator No Frost and settled on this model. It looks very attractive, the build quality has pleased (no worse than "bourgeois" expensive counterparts). Absolutely quiet, temperature keeps well.

The best refrigerators of No Frost of the classical size (width of 60 cm)

Samsung RB-RB41J7861S4
69 990

It is no coincidence that this model from the Korean giant Samsung was among the leaders in the ranking of the best No Frost refrigerators. First, the device is incredibly practical. With the classic dimensions (height 201.7 cm), the useful volume is impressive - 410 l. Secondly, he is really handsome in appearance. Design in the style of minimalism, the color of the facade - stainless steel. And finally, the RB-RB41J7861S4 has excellent functionality.

Freezer bottom. Inside 3 transparent boxes, capacity 130 liters. No frost system. Refrigeration compartment - 280 l. All-around Cooling technology with a large number of vents for even cooling on each shelf. In addition, there is a Melal Cooling steel panel on the back. It is necessary not only for beauty, but also to maintain a stable temperature and restore it quickly after opening / closing the door.

Far from superfluous is the Fresh Zone retractable compartment with optimal conditions for storing fish and meat. There is also a classic box for fruit, vegetables.

Main advantages:
  • Compressor - inverter (noise background - 37 dB);
  • Electronic control (quick cooling and freezing functions, vacation mode);
  • 3 glass shelves in the fridge (1 foldable);
  • Decorative LED lighting;
  • Signal unclosed door.
  • No bottle holder;
  • The smell of plastic at the beginning (disappears after cooling or after a couple of days).
9.8 / 10
Great fridge on all sides. The design is cool, the capacity is just super. Suitable even for a large family. The freshness zone really helps. The doors are being shifted, it was useful to us.
Mitsubishi MR-CR46G-ST-R
65 990

MR-CR46G-ST-R is a modern, technologically advanced and stylish No Frost refrigerator from one of the most famous Japanese brands. Perhaps the best option for a small or medium-sized family, for which the priority is freshness of food and comfort, and not the opportunity to get the freezer under the string, which is called “in reserve”. The model has a standard width of 60 cm and a height of 179.8 cm. The design is stainless steel, the basic design is 3-chamber.

The upper refrigerated compartment (209 l usable volume) is equipped with a multi-flow Multi Airflow cooling system. Contains 3 glass shelves with height adjustment, one of which is transformable, sliding tray (0 ° С) for storing meat, seafood or cooling drinks.

Medium chamber (42 l) - “Vitamin Factory”. This is a drawer with controlled humidity and a special LED-backlit to recreate the effect of photosynthesis and, as a result, prolonged preservation of the freshness and beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits.

The freezing compartment is small - 55 l, but No Frost, there is enough for a week's supply and it is supplemented with an automatic ice maker with a water tank (1.1 l).

Main advantages:
  • High-quality inverter compressor (noise level of the refrigerator - 37 dB);
  • Antibacterial inner coating;
  • Active filter deodorizing air cleaner;
  • Water purification before feeding to the ice maker;
  • Boxes on soft rollers.
  • Small freezer;
  • Class B power consumption.
9.7 / 10
Great fridge for typical city dwellers. I like the ice maker. We practically never buy meat in large pieces, because a large freezer is not needed. For everyday needs, there is enough zero zone and a vitamin box.
Bosch KGN39VI21R
49 130

Next in our ranking is a modern and stylish No Frost refrigerator from a famous manufacturer from Germany. Assembly - Russia. The design of the facade is a “stainless steel” with Easyclean protective coating, and there is a functional and beautiful control display on the door.

The height of KGN39VI21R is 203 cm, the width is classical 60. At the same time, installation is possible close to walls or furniture, an additional clearance for opening doors is not required. Handles - hidden vertical. The total volume (useful) - 366 liters (279 + 87).

Interior “decoration” of the refrigerating chamber: 5 shelves of tempered glass, including retractable easyAccess, 3 rearranged in height, Vita Fresh freshness zone for fruits / vegetables with adjustable humidity levels. Cooling system - Multi-flow Multi-Airflow. In the freezer No Frost, 3 retractable transparent boxing.

Main advantages:
  • Energy efficiency class A +;
  • Compressor - 1, circulation circuits - 2;
  • Activated carbon filter that absorbs odors (recoverable, the process is described in the instructions);
  • LED unit in the refrigerator compartment, illuminating products from the front, not from behind or from above;
  • Audible alarm on unclosed door.
  • The compressor is not inverter;
  • Average noise - 41 dB.
9.6 / 10
Refrigerators are happy. Not to say that affordable, but also looks pretty expensive. There are no complaints about the work. There are small noises when starting the engine - not critical. Plastic quality and not smelly.
Daewoo Electronics RNV-3310 GCHS
45 000

South Korean brands of refrigerators with the No Frost system, and they do not produce others, are in domestic retail enough, but finding a copy with a real "native" assembly is quite problematic. However, in our rating there is one. And that is typical, not from the promoted giants Samsung or LG, but from the undeservedly forgotten Daewoo Electronics.

The volume of the RNV-3310 GCHS is quite good - 337 liters (245 + 92). And this is with the growth of 189.7 cm and a standard width. In the freezer (lower) are the usual 3 transparent drawers, in the refrigerator there are durable glass shelves, a container with a special LED-backlight that contributes to a longer preservation of freshness of vegetables / fruits, additional production of vitamin C. Plus there is an anti-bacterial air cleaning and deodorization system Neutra fresh.

A separate song - the external design. In this case, its style is "silver glass", and if someone has other color preferences, there are versions with black and white mirror coating.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price with a luxurious design;
  • Control - intelligent with external display;
  • Energy class - A +;
  • No Frost system in the freezer; Multi Air Flow in the refrigerator compartment;
  • Indoor LED lighting.
  • Conventional compressor;
  • There is no “dry” freshness zone.
9.5 / 10
Compared with glass Bosch and LG price is just ridiculous. And the Korean assembly and the quality is clearly not worse. As a result, I went to the store for one fridge, and bought this one, which I liked much more. And he continues to delight.
38 271

Of course, LG also has top models with a bright design, freshness zones, and therefore a rather big price. However, the most popular are No Frost refrigerators, which fully correspond to the original concept of the brand - relative availability with good quality and decent characteristics. One of the best No Frost refrigerators in this plan is GA-B429SMQZ.

The model is two-chamber. Freezer bottom with 4 transparent boxes (on top of a small tray), the volume of 79 liters, does not require defrosting. The refrigerator, traditionally for LG, is equipped with the Multi Air Flow multi-air distribution system. Holds 223 liters, there is a vegetable box with a lid Moist Balance Crisper, glass shelves - 3, one of them folding.

For management is responsible external button display. The modes “Express freezing”, “Fast cooling”, “Vacation” are supported, there is a function of protection against children, a system of intellectual self-diagnostics.

Main advantages:
  • The compressor - linear invertor with a 10-year guarantee;
  • Energy class - A ++;
  • Antibacterial door seal Bio Shield;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • LED backlight.
  • There is no zero zone;
  • Highlighting products behind is not the best solution.
9.4 / 10
We chose this model consciously on the basis of the price, a good compressor, sufficient volume for our family, and No Frost. Design liked. It works contrary to the seller's odem is not at all silent, but quite tolerable.

The best wide two-chamber refrigerators No Frost

Hitachi R-VG542PU3GBK
96 950

Superb in terms of both external and functional characteristics of a top freezer fridge. Front decoration - black glass. Electronic control in the form of an external touch panel. The dimensions of the device (HxWxD) are 183.5x71.5x74 cm. And, therefore, movement through standard doorways should not cause problems (but it is better to measure). Going model, like most Hitachi refrigerators, in Thailand.

In the freezer compartment (117 l) there is a glass shelf and a movable rotary mechanical ice generator. The system is No Frost, there is a super-freezing mode. The refrigerator is quite roomy - 333 l, 3 glass shelves, LED-lighting. Air distribution - Front Air Flow. In the lower part there is a freshness zone with two compartments: “wet” with Smart Frame compactor and “dry” Selectable Mode Compartment with variable cooling mode.

Main advantages:
  • Inverter type compressor (annual energy consumption - 266 kWh);
  • Dual Fan Cooling system (separate fan for each camera);
  • Special filter Nano Titanium;
  • Sensors Eco Thermo-sensor;
  • Mold-resistant compactor.
  • Doors do not overhang;
  • Quite a price.
9.9 / 10
The refrigerator looks very stylish and work flawlessly. Large, roomy and quiet. There is a cooling function of drinks, a good double freshness zone. I have absolutely no regrets about the money spent.
Panasonic NR-BY602XC
96 950

Cute model in the original Japanese design (which means that soon something similar will be released by LG). The color of the doors is beige, but there is also an XS version in the “stainless steel” style. The control panel is an external electronic one. Average dimensions (HxWxD) - 184.6х77.5х74.5 cm. A refrigerator is manufactured in Thailand.

The Panasonic NR-BY602 format is suitable for typically urban residents. A huge amount of meat for the future will not be prepared: the volume of No Frost freezers (useful) - 99 l. But the refrigerated cabinet is very large - 412 liters! You can feed a whole horde of relatives or guests.

The interior is spacious and as transparent as possible. Glass shelves, bluish back wall, bright lighting with side LEDs enhance the visibility of products. In the containers for vegetables, fruits, the function “Preservation of vitamins” is supported by means of a special LED-backlight.

Main advantages:
  • High performance inverter driven compressor;
  • Silent operation within 38 dB;
  • ECONAVY intelligent sensors to save energy;
  • Ag Clean filter with silver ions for efficient air purification from bacteria, mold, odors;
  • Energy class - A +.
  • Overhanging the door is not provided.
9.7 / 10
Large, quiet and pleasant externally fridge. All the while "leaked" into the kitchen door, did not have to unscrew anything. Works great, the vegetables really longer fresh. I think the choice is fully justified.
Vestfrost VF 566 MSLV
82 990

Great fridge from a famous Danish brand. The original design of the model is fundamentally different from the usual standard colors of refrigerators. Vestfrost VF 566 MSLV doors are covered with granite glass. The drawing imitating the structure of the stone makes the refrigerator a significant element of the decor of a modern kitchen. Now from beauty to more mundane - characteristics:

  • Full No Frost. Cooling in both chambers takes place in a “dry” manner, no defrosting is required. The Multi-flow system allows you to evenly cool the products on any shelf;
  • Fresh zone. In this compartment, humidity is optimal for the long-term preservation of the freshness of fruits and vegetables;
  • Sturdy glass shelves. As a supplement - a holder for wine;
  • Large capacity. With a case width of 70 cm, the refrigerator boasts an impressive volume.

Inside, everything is concise and simple, but done correctly and reliably. Produced model in Turkey. If it annoys someone, in vain. It is assembled with higher quality and more accurate than some insanely expensive models from Germany (experience shows that the high price and “coolness” of the brand is not always a guarantee of reliability).

Main advantages:
  • Beautiful design;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Large refrigerator.

No electronic display on the door.

9.5 / 10
During the operation of any problems are not noticed. It works perfectly and is quite quiet, you can, if you try, to hear the slight noise of the fans, but this is “Know Frost”. The coloring is very interesting, it looks great in the kitchen. Best Premium No Frost Refrigerator

Best Side by Side Refrigerators with No Frost System

Samsung RS62K6130S8
95 830

It is large, roomy and beautiful, this Samsung RS62K6130S8. Design can be called premium, but the style is strict and practical. No sticking pens. Electronic control is taken out, conveniently and clearly, adds presentability to the general exterior.

There are no frills such as ice maker or mini-bar. Everything has been done to preserve the useful volume, and there are plenty of it here: 620 liters in total, freezing compartment - 214, refrigeration - 406. This is where there is room for maneuver! Both cameras have bright and uniform LED lighting, there are 4 shelves, 2 drawers, 5 pockets on the doors.

The cooling system of the refrigerator is not only No Frost, but also a dual circuit. Metal plates of Metal Cooling are positively perceived, contributing to the restoration of the optimum temperature after opening the doors without additional energy consumption. Pleases and low noise model - up to 40 dB.

Main advantages:
  • Compressor - Digital Inverter;
  • Efficiency class - A +;
  • Child lock function, door open signal;
  • Modes of quick freezing and cooling;
  • Recessed handles.
  • There is no “zero” freshness compartment;
  • It will not pass in any opening (it is solved by removing the door).
9.7 / 10
For our family, this fridge is optimal and perfect. We lay as much as we want, we freeze it in reserve. It works after the "running in" quietly without gurgling and howling (there was an experience with another). Really like.
75 017

Another "Korean", however, collected in China. This is hardly to be embarrassing, all the more so with order. The model is simple and therefore inexpensive. The volume is again very good - 613 liters, which is directly related to the lack of all sorts of elements for “indulgence.” The color is white, but there are analogues in silver, black and beige appearance.

Refrigerator - 394 l. The internal space is divided by 4 shelves, 2 boxes for vegetables. Having a Moist Balance Crisper cover helps optimize moisture for longer-lasting freshness. On the door there are 8 baskets. In the freezer compartment there are also 2 sliding transparent boxes, shelves - 2, pockets - 4. The LED backlight is implemented both there and there.

The refrigerator is large, but not very noisy - 41 dB. The main reason is the inverter linear compressor. Low energy consumption is also connected with it to a considerable degree - class A +.

Main advantages:
  • Adequate price tag;
  • Hidden pens;
  • External touch screen;
  • Door sealer with antibacterial properties;
  • Smart diagnostics system.
  • Simple enameled facade;
  • There is no “dry” freshness zone.
9.6 / 10
Do not rejoice. The problem of lack of space for food has disappeared. The refrigerator is not that perfect, but in terms of price and quality almost out of competition. Works good. What else do you need?

Best Built-In No Frost Refrigerator

Samsung BRB260030WW
53 545

Practical model of the refrigerator with the lower freezer from the Korean company. The No Frost system is supported for both cameras, which is not a common occurrence for embedded refrigerators. European versions are more common, where at least one cabinet is statically cooled. Thus, the struggle for the preservation of the volume.

But Samsung has managed, without departing from the usual canons for themselves, to create a model of 177.5 cm height and 55 width (for a standard niche of 60) with a quite adequate capacity: freezer cabinet - 72 l, refrigerated - 195. There are 2 transparent drawers in the first one and a pull-out tray. The second one is equipped with 3 glass shelves, bottle holder, 2 containers for fruits / vegetables.

The model is not noisy at all - 37 dB. Energy consumption corresponds to class A +. Freezing capacity - up to 9 kg / day. Produced fridge in Poland.

Main advantages:
  • 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor;
  • Convenient electronic control, mode "Vacation";
  • Multi-thread cooling All-around Cooling;
  • LED lightening;
  • Type of fastening facades - sliding loop.
  • No fresh zones;
  • At first, odorous plastic.
9.8 / 10
Chose this refrigerator because full no frost. Like more than the LG. The volume is average, but for the installation is normal. The price tag on the general background sane. The first days worked noisily, now completely inaudible.
Siemens KI39FP60
155 990

The compact built-in refrigerator with the No Frost system from Siemens is not a device, but a dream:

  • He not only bears the name of the German company, but also assembled in Germany.
  • Energy class: A ++ is a good indicator of efficiency.
  • The freshness zone is separated from the common compartment of the refrigerating chamber, which contributes to better preservation of products.
  • Shelves are easily rearranged between levels. Need to fit a large pot? No problems.
  • Offline cold storage for up to 16 hours - the battery capacity is sufficient to take action on the troubleshooting.
  • Electronic control with temperature indication. Well, when everything is under the control of automation.

The Siemens KI39FP60 has a capacity of only 251 liters, so it is only suitable for a small family of 2 to 3 people.

9.6 / 10
Good fridge with no frost system. Beautiful zone of freshness, vegetables and herbs are many times longer. Very convenient if you visit the shops once a week.

Top Premium No Frost Refrigerators

Mitsubishi Electric MR-WXR627Z-BR-R
225 990

The innovative model of the Mitsubishi MR-WXR627Z-BR-R refrigerator, thanks to its unique characteristics, impeccable build quality, and, most importantly, high consumer appreciation, confidently pressed in the ranking of traditionally strong competitors in this category from Germany. Key features of the premium fridge from Japan:

  • Uniform distribution of cold air in all compartments (up to hard-to-reach shelves on the doors);
  • "Zero" zone for meat, fish, dairy products;
  • Camera freshness "Vitamin factory". Optimum humidity and LED lights ensure long-term preservation of nutrients in fruits and vegetables, saturate them with vitamin C;
  • Ice machine with direct water supply Delicious Ice with antibacterial tray and the possibility of washing;
  • Universal camera VERSA. Provides long-term storage of products, keeping them in moisture and taste. Supports fast and soft freezing. Fast reduces crystallization of products, and soft allows you to cut and cook the product without first defrosting;
  • Hot freezing technology. Hot products can be placed in the VERSA chamber. The sensor detects the temperature and sends an independent cold air flow to them;
  • Neuro Fuzzy technology. The intelligent control system analyzes the rhythm of family life and optimizes the operation of the refrigerator.
Main advantages:
  • High-tech model;
  • Class A + energy consumption;
  • Gorgeous design with a glossy glass surface in mahogany color;
  • Production - Japan.
  • They simply do not.
10 / 10
This is the best fridge - No Frost, looks great on the outside, quiet operation, closer. Can hold pans, pots and everything else. For a large family it is better not to think. Foods are kept immaculately, excellent air filtration is no smell. The Japanese really pleased with excellent quality and design.
Hitachi R-G630GUXK
309 950

This premium fridge is the real “Japanese” with an incredibly stylish façade made of tempered glass. However, external beauty is only one side of the coin. The functionality is not less impressive.

System - No Frost. 5-chamber design, as they say, for all occasions:

  • Cooling chamber. French Door opening system, durable glass shelves, LED lighting, vacuum compartments for meat, fish, “jelly” with an antioxidant cartridge and photocatalyst;
  • The freezing compartment - a three-layer box, a special niche for storing high objects, an aluminum tray;
  • Automatic ice generator;
  • A dedicated zone of freshness for vegetables Aero care. Equipped with a humidity control system and a photocatalyst.

And this is only the most basic characteristics, and there are still a lot of various settings and convenient additions, which will become familiar to the owner of the refrigerator.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Economical and low noise inverter compressor;
  • Power consumption - A ++ (289 kWh / year);
  • Triple deodorization and air cleaning system;
  • Touch electronic control.
  • Decent price (quite adequate for the Japanese assembly);
  • The large depth of the body is 73.8 cm (with a height of 181.8 and a width of 75 cm).
9.9 / 10
The fridge is just awesome. It looks very solid and expensive. All cameras were used, the products are perfectly preserved. In the summer, we consistently use an ice maker, at other times we turn it off to reduce noise.

What you need to know before buying a refrigerator with No Frost system?

In order to make the choice in favor of such a refrigerator truly conscious, you need to know about its merits and possible disadvantages. Let's start, as usual, with the bad.

Disadvantages of No Frost refrigerators versus conventional ones

  • Less useful volume. The size of the chambers is reduced due to the additionally installed ventilation system;
  • Above the noise level. It cannot be said that significantly, but the fan noise slightly increases this figure (usually by 1-3 dB);
  • More power consumption. In addition, it is required to ensure the operation of the fans, inside the case of the No Frost refrigerators, install small heating elements. These heaters provide “invisible” thawing of the icy evaporator behind the wall;
  • Strange sounds inside the fridge. This is usually honestly warned manufacturers in the instructions. This “Barabashka effect” is connected just with the process of automatic thawing. Sounds can be caused by dripping condensation or ice pieces falling out.

Benefits of having a no frost system in the fridge

  • Manual defrosting is not required, less often care is required;
  • There is no moisture on the inner walls of the refrigerator;
  • Cold air is evenly distributed across all shelves and products cool faster;
  • Products do not freeze each other;
  • In the freezer, products crystallize less and retain their properties better after defrosting.

Actually, the positive properties of the No Frost system far outweigh the possible disadvantages, which often simply become imperceptible or insignificant. But it is better to know about them in order to avoid surprises.

Which refrigerator with No Frost system is better to buy?

These categories are conditional, the place in the rating is determined based on the popularity of a particular product according to the given characteristics. But for each individual consumer, the key parameters of choice may vary.

Someone chooses first by price. And in our rating there is a section with inexpensive high-quality No Frost refrigerators from well-established manufacturers. It is worth noting that, besides the options presented in it, there are even more affordable No Frost refrigerators. For example, from companies Indesit, Beko, Candy or domestic brands. Among them really meet quite decent copies. It is a pity that the execution of these is usually also typically budget. The buyer sometimes, without realizing it, becomes a participant in a kind of lottery, when, due to the desire to save, he may encounter problems caused by the mediocre build quality, low cost materials and components.

For someone important more serious or even the maximum functionalitystylish design, capacity and he is willing to pay for it. And in this case, we can safely recommend the above models of our rating, but it is not necessary to dwell on them only. After all, there are analogues in another color, design or with slight changes in the configuration.

In general, a universal solution for each individual does not exist. Choose the refrigerator that is right for you - for the price, functionality, design - and enjoy it.

Enjoy the shopping!

Watch the video: Benefits of Non frost free Freezers (December 2019).