9 best mouthwashes

Best mouthwash according to dentists

If a person observes all the rules of oral hygiene, regularly brushes his teeth, uses rinses and floss (dental floss), then in most cases he comes to the dentist only to conduct a routine examination. In today's market there are many good mouth rinses, but before purchasing such a product, you must clearly understand what it is intended for and what the composition is. In order to correctly determine the best mouthwash for you specifically, the safest thing to do is to consult a specialist.

How to choose the best mouthwash?

Daily use of rinse in conjunction with the usual oral care gives a noticeable effect. When choosing the best mouthwash is worth considering that each of them has a certain content of active substances, the action of which is aimed at solving certain problems. Most often, dentists are advised to use conditioners in the following cases:

  • as a preventive measure to prevent the development of caries;
  • with periodontal disease;
  • include in the complex treatment of hyperesthesia (hypersensitivity) enamel or hard tooth tissue.

In order not to aggravate the problems of the oral cavity, when choosing a conditioner follow the following rules:

If intended for the prevention of caries, then choose a rinse, which includes aminofluoride or (worse slightly) sodium fluoride. The concentration of fluoride compounds in the solution should not exceed 250 ppm.

Antiseptic based rinse (chlorhexidine, triclosan, benzydamine, methyl salicylate) can be used for no more than 14 days (in case of urgent need, an antiseptic solution is allowed for 21 days). Otherwise, dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity may develop, manifested by dry mucous membranes, persistent unpleasant odor from the mouth, and increased irritability of the tissues.

Rinse based on plant extracts can be used regularly, they significantly reduce the risk of gum disease and periodontal disease.

The composition of some rinse included ethanoltherefore, if the product is purchased for a child or a person driving a car, you should pay attention to this parameter.

It is not enough to choose the best mouthwash - in order to get the greatest effect from using the rinse aid it is necessary to use it at least 2 times a day (or better after each meal), rinse your mouth for at least 60 seconds. If an agent based on fluorine compounds is used, then before applying it, it is necessary to clean the teeth with a calcium-based paste, which does not contain fluoride - then the anti-caries effect will be maximal.

Top 9 best mouthwashes

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best anti-caries conditioners for the oral cavity1President Classic Plus9.5 / 10255
The best rinses for the treatment of periodontal disease1Lacalut active10 / 10297
2Asepta9.8 / 10205
3Listerine Expert Gum Protection9.7 / 10279
4President pros9.5 / 10248
5Amister from Amway9.0 / 10-
Best Mouthwash Plant-Based Mouthwash1Forest Balsam9.5 / 10101
2MEXIDOL dent Professional9.3 / 10250
The best mouth rinses with hyperesthesia (hypersensitivity) of teeth1Lacalut sensitive9.8 / 10319

The best anti-caries conditioners for the oral cavity

President Classic Plus

The rinse contains sodium fluoride (250 ppm), xylitol and herbal ingredients (extracts of lemon balm, sage and chamomile). It protects the tooth enamel from damage by the carious process, has a pronounced refreshing effect. It does not contain antiseptics and alcohol, thanks to which it is approved for use in children over 6 years old and people whose profession is related to driving vehicles.

Main advantages:
  • pleasant aroma,
  • soft taste,
  • prolonged breath freshening.
9.5 / 10
Using the President's conditioner, I quietly sit behind the wheel of my car, because the product does not contain alcohol.

The best rinses for the treatment of periodontal disease

Lacalut active

Mouthwash Lacalut active is produced in Germany. It contains sodium fluoride (225 ppm), 0.25% chlorhexidine digluconate, aluminum lactate and does not contain ethyl alcohol. An antiseptic (chlorhexidine) fights against the development of an infectious process, aluminum lactate has an astringent effect that eliminates bleeding gums, and sodium fluoride protects teeth from caries. Lakalut asset can not be used for more than 21 days.

Main advantages:
  • effective acting
  • has a good smell and taste.
  • To achieve the expected result, you must complete several courses.
10 / 10
When problems with the gums started, on the advice of the dentist, Lacalute rinser was bought an asset, after a course of treatment (two weeks), the bleeding and soreness disappeared.

Russian rinse, which consists of two antiseptics (chlorhexidine digluconate - 0.05%, benzydamine - 0.15%), xylitol. It has a pronounced antibacterial effect and a slight analgesic effect. The tool can be used in the treatment of necrotic and hypertrophic forms of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). The maximum period of use is 14 days. With prolonged use may cause the development of oral dysbacteriosis.

Main advantages:
  • mint, not very pronounced taste,
  • does not include artificial dyes and alcohol,
  • pronounced positive effect.
  • quickly consumed.
9.8 / 10
When stomatitis, which I contracted from a child, the doctor advised to use Aseptu along with other drugs. After applying the product for some time, numbness was felt in the mouth, which significantly reduced the discomfort.
Listerine Expert Gum Protection

Listerin - conditioner, produced in Italy, it contains non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent methyl salicylate, thymol, alcohol and eucalyptus extract. Used in complex treatment of diseases of the gums and periodontal, the duration of the course is not more than 14 days. The taste is sharp, burning, you need to get used to it.

Main advantages:
  • excellent protective qualities
  • when using, there is a slight whitening effect,
  • The bottle has a convenient, economical cap.
  • sharp taste
  • after use there is a burning sensation in the mouth.
9.7 / 10
A good rinse helped me overcome gum disease. With regular use is very effective. Excellent breath freshening. And also the sensitivity of the teeth is not shown.
President pros

The composition of the Italian rinser President Pro includes xylitol, chlorhexidine digluconate, extracts of medicinal plants (echinacea, sage and pharmacy chamomile). Means does not contain compounds of fluorine and ethyl alcohol. The maximum duration of use is 21 days, can be used by children and people driving a car.

Main advantages:
  • relieves inflammation
  • tastes good
  • disinfects and refreshes the oral cavity.
  • during application, a slight burning or tingling of the mucous membrane may appear.
9.5 / 10
The president of the pros is the best rinse, well eliminated inflammation after the dentist performed a mechanical removal of tartar.
Amister from Amway

The product contains alcohol and one active ingredient - cetylpyridinium chloride (the same antiseptic is part of the remedy for sore throat "Septolete"). The conditioner is prescribed only for inflammatory diseases of the gums that are not accompanied by wounds and sores (cetylpyridinium chloride delays healing), the maximum period of use is 14 days.

Main advantages:
  • economical
  • multi-functional (suitable for the treatment of dental problems and sore throat),
  • refreshes the mouth for a long time.
  • very high price
  • just thermonuclear taste.
9.0 / 10
The amister from Amway was advised by my mother, a rather economical product with a good effect, it is a pity that it cannot be used all the time.

Best Mouthwash Plant-Based Mouthwash

Forest Balsam

Mouthwash from the trademark Forest Balsam is designed for the integrated maintenance of the oral cavity in a healthy state. It will not solve serious problems, it is intended mainly for prevention. The tool protects against caries and strengthens the enamel due to the mineral complex with fluorine. The Russian concern Kalina produces the Forest Balsam conditioner in 13 variants, not all of them have a purely herbal composition, some may contain fragrance, organic solvent or antiseptic triclosan. When buying is worth paying attention to the components that make up the tool.

Main advantages:
  • pronounced effect
  • pleasant taste,
  • affordable price.
  • The composition is not 100% natural.
9.5 / 10
I recommend to buy as a preventive measure during the day, because it’s not so difficult to rinse for 30 seconds than to ensure at least fresh breath, cleanliness and harmony for yourself before evening cleaning of your favorite teeth.
MEXIDOL dent Professional

The conditioner made in Russia. The structure includes: the anti-inflammatory component of methylhydroxyperidine succinate (or mexidol), licorice root extract, a complex of amino acids. Suitable for occasional use, is assigned to prevent the development of inflammatory processes in people prone to the development of stomatitis and those who wear removable dentures.

Main advantages:
  • moisturizes the mucosa,
  • well heals wounds with stomatitis.
  • It is recommended only for certain diseases.
9.3 / 10
After putting dentures under them, some kind of inflammation often began to develop. Dentist advised to use rinse Mexidol. Good help.

The best mouth rinses with hyperesthesia (hypersensitivity) of teeth

Lacalut sensitive

The German LACALUT sensitive mouthwash is a prime example of excellent quality at a reasonable price. Reduces the sensitivity of the enamel to hot and cold, sweet and sour. Protects sensitive teeth from caries, strengthens the gums. In addition to aminofluoride, the preparation contains aluminum lactate with a pronounced astringent effect and an antiseptic, which implies the use of not more than 21 days.

Main advantages:
  • good reduces tooth sensitivity,
  • refreshes the mouth,
  • helps to cope with bleeding gums.
  • the bottle lasts for a short time.
9.8 / 10
She started to use Lacalut periodically rinse 6 months ago on the recommendation of the dentist, reduces the sensitivity of the enamel, refreshes and has a slight whitening effect.

Since many rinses contain antiseptics or alcohol in their composition, it is not recommended to choose them yourself. In order to maximize the effect of the rinse, you need to contact your dentist to determine the problems of the oral cavity and complete rehabilitation (treatment of all dental diseases) and professional hygiene.

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