7 best rc helicopters

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Author: Alexander Lazarenko

Man has always sought to fly. Alas, not many manage to become a pilot, but thanks to the development of modern technologies, the passion for flights helps to satisfy radio-controlled models, in particular, helicopters. Manufacturers offer a great variety of models of radio-controlled helicopters, which sometimes puzzles those who want to buy it. The main selection criteria are:

  • model size;
  • number of control channels;
  • device and arrangement of blades (classical, coaxial);
  • type of driving unit (electric motor or internal combustion engine).

The presence of a gyroscope in the model improves flight stability and simplifies control. Onboard stuffing may include a video camera, a broadcast camera for flight from the first person, various guns for helicopter battles and so on. Let's try to highlight the best models that have gained popularity among fans of radio-controlled flights.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best radio-controlled helicopter for beginners1E-sky LAMA V49.9 / 105 500
The best radio-controlled micro helicopter1SYMA S1079.8 / 101 890
The best mid-range radio-controlled helicopter1Walkera V400D029.8 / 1013 900
Best Big RC Helicopter1WL Toys V913 Sky Dancer 4CH 2.4GHZ9.8 / 106 300
The best radio-controlled helicopter with FPV broadcast camera1HUBSAN FPV Westland Lynx H101F (H101D)9.8 / 1016 300
The best rc helicopter for 3D piloting1Nine Eagle Solo Pro180D9.9 / 1011 100
The best radio-controlled helicopter with ICE for professionals1Align T-Rex 700 Nitro DFC Super Combo9.8 / 1079 900

The best radio-controlled helicopter for beginners

E-sky LAMA V4
5 500
E-sky LAMA V4 is a representative of the whole family of Lama radio-controlled helicopters ready for flight (RTF), the device of which is based on coaxial arrangement of the blades, which improves the stability of the model in the air, which in turn is ideal for training novice pilots. High-precision four-channel control simulates piloting with a real helicopter, allows you to roll, turn, change altitude, move back and forth, and most importantly, forgives beginners' mistakes. The rich basic equipment, the availability of inexpensive spare parts for repair and tuning allowed E-sky LAMA V4 to gain popularity all over the world.
Main advantages:
  • attractive design;
  • build quality;
  • suitable size for training;
  • the ability to run indoors and outdoors;
  • spare blades included;
  • 4 channel control panel, 2.4Ghz
  • CD with simulator software and USB cable;
  • the ability to charge the onboard battery from the power source 12V;
  • maintainability;
  • affordable price.
  • frequent failure of the blades in case of unsuccessful landings;
  • too fast learning and ease of management (joke).
9.9 / 10
Thanks to the E-sky LAMA V4, my son and I had a wonderful reason to spend leisure time together in nature, and not behind a TV or computer. The device is not afraid of snow, cold, water. Easy to repair. The best radio-controlled helicopter for beginners.

The best radio-controlled micro helicopter

1 890
If you do not want to part with your hobby even in an office or apartment, then the SYMA S107 micro helicopter will suit you perfectly. A bright, small, weighing only 40 grams model will not only decorate your desktop, but also help to distract from the boring everyday life of office life, the more you can charge it from the USB port of a computer or laptop. The coaxial system of screws, gyroscope, three-channel control, stability in flight, a shock-resistant body, a metal tail beam and a metal chassis make the SYMA S107 a very reliable and practically unkillable radio-controlled device. Modifying the SYMA S107P with a bubble generator will add excitement to the kids, while the SYMA S107C with a video camera will allow you to record your flights.
Main advantages:
  • obedient;
  • maneuverable;
  • lasting;
  • colorful design;
  • charging from the remote and from the USB-port;
  • good flight time for such a small model (6-10 minutes);
  • aluminum chassis;
  • selection of body colors and modifications;
  • inexpensive.
  • It is not recommended to run outside, even a weak breeze will carry the model.
9.8 / 10
I made a surprise to my adult man - I presented a small helicopter SYMA S107. Such a wild delight from him did not even expect. He says that now it is easy to relieve stress. Flew around the apartment or office - and the problems were forgotten.

The best mid-range radio-controlled helicopter

Walkera V400D02
13 900
Walkera V400D02 is a model of the manufacturer of radio-controlled models recognized in the world. The helicopter will suit those who have already mastered the basics of piloting and is eager to move to another level. This unit is designed without flybar, which reduced the loss of power collector engine. The main rotor head is made of metal, and the 3-axis gyroscope is responsible for the stabilization system. The model is equipped with a unique noise-protected 6-channel transmitter. All these details together give the helicopter excellent stability and directional stability in flight.
Main advantages:
  • 6 channel transceiver 2.4 GHz;
  • high-quality machined metal rotor head;
  • three-axis gyroscope, compensating for the absence of the flybar;
  • auto stabilization system;
  • big size;
  • works with free FMS simulator;
  • 8 minutes of flight.
  • You can accidentally turn on 3D mode.
9.8 / 10
I was looking for an advanced model. The choice fell on the Walkera V400D02. One of the arguments was the lack of flybar. Immediately I tried and was surprised at the stability of the flight and, in principle, simple control.

Best Big RC Helicopter

WL Toys V913 Sky Dancer 4CH 2.4GHZ
6 300
Among the huge line of models of the manufacturer of radio-controlled helicopters WL Toys, we note the model of large sizes V913 Sky Dancer. Yes, there are helicopters and bigger, but the V913 gained popularity due to its high flight characteristics. Powerful engine, large servo travel, shortened flybar, latest generation gyroscope, high-quality tail gearbox coupled with a powerful tail engine, 4 control channels at 2.4 GHz, a capacious battery provide the model with excellent directional stability, maneuverability, high speed and flight stability even against the wind. Add to this the low cost, quality and accuracy of performance, and we get one of the best radio-controlled helicopters for regular flights on the street in any weather.
Main advantages:
  • high flight speed;
  • speed mode with acceleration;
  • removable battery and spare included;
  • improved tail stabilization;
  • control range up to 150 meters;
  • 4-channel transmitter at 2.4 GHz interference-free frequency;
  • carbon frame style;
  • lack of vibration;
  • real hang in place;
  • price-quality ratio.
  • 4 extra batteries required.
9.8 / 10
The criteria for choosing a radio-controlled turntable was the rather large size of the model, the low price, ease of control, flight speed and durable, bright body. WL Toys V913 best fit all conditions.

The best radio-controlled helicopter with FPV broadcast camera

HUBSAN FPV Westland Lynx H101F (H101D)
16 300
HUBSAN is a leader in the production of models with an FPV broadcasting camera, thanks to which an imitation of being in the cockpit of a real helicopter is achieved. Video from the camera is transmitted to the monitor of the control panel in real time. She can also record your flight. The HUBSAN FPV Westland Lynx H101F (H101D) model with the classic arrangement of screws will suit more experienced helicopter pilots, and for pilots with more modest skills there is a similar model Hubsan H201F (D) with coaxial blades. Special attention should be paid to the innovative noise-free helicopter transmitter with an integrated 3.5-inch color monitor. The 2.4 GHz frequency band is used to control the helicopter, and 5.8 GHz for video transmission, which allows streaming video to be transmitted clearly and stably over a distance of 100 meters.
Main advantages:
  • excellent video broadcast quality;
  • large display;
  • range of PU - up to 300 meters;
  • online-video transmission distance - up to 100 meters;
  • solid design and durable case;
  • 5 megapixel camera;
  • maneuverability, 4 control channels;
  • folding visor for the monitor on the control panel;
  • two control modes (for experienced and simplified);
  • not afraid of even a strong wind.
  • low recording quality (but this is explained by the purpose of installing an FPV camera);
  • the need to buy 8 batteries for PU.
9.8 / 10
In HUBSAN FPV H101F, I like the ability to change control modes, flight stability in windy weather, a shockproof design, but the most important thing is the ability to see the flight "from the cockpit". Feelings are super.

The best rc helicopter for 3D piloting

Nine Eagle Solo Pro180D
11 100
The Nine Eagle Solo Pro180D is a fully helicopter ready to fly to perform 3D aerobatics. Of course, this style is not typical of real helicopters, but it is claimed by lovers of extreme stunts. This is a flybarless model of a helicopter, with a brushless motor, weighing only 45 grams and 360 mm long. A flybarless system, a three-axis gyroscope and a multifunctional six-channel control panel allow you to perform 3D aerobatic exercises with amazing accuracy and speed. In 10 minutes of flight you will have time to enjoy aerobatics, and having recharged, continue your “dance steps in the sky” in 30 minutes.
Main advantages:
  • Flybarless system;
  • common pitch of the rotor;
  • three gyro system;
  • adjust the sensitivity of the gyroscope;
  • 6 control channels;
  • reverse channels;
  • gas retention function.
  • high price.
9.9 / 10
Nine Eagle Solo Pro180D is a great radio-controlled helicopter, ready to fly right out of the box. At first glance, it is difficult to carry out the 3D-piloting figures, but having a little practice you will succeed. And this turntable will help in this.

The best radio-controlled helicopter with ICE for professionals

Align T-Rex 700 Nitro DFC Super Combo
79 900
Despite the many models with an electric motor, models with an internal combustion engine are still popular with professionals and amateurs. They are attracted by the sound and power of the engine, allowing you to perform aerobatics of medium and high complexity. The Align T-Rex 700 Nitro DFC Super Combo helicopter is one of the best representatives of radio-controlled models with a glowing carburetor engine. The equipment of the helicopter includes a flyer-free system of the newest generation with a processor, whose performance has increased by 20 times compared with the previous model. The helicopter responds clearly and quickly to the pilot's commands, and the tricks performed are admirable and surprising. The device can be configured using any Android / iOs device. Lightweight and durable housing, reinforced main gear, reliable and accurate design of the main screw, an advanced tail control system, low center of gravity - all these are components of an ideal, stable, high-speed radio-controlled helicopter.
Main advantages:
  • flybarbar system G-Pro;
  • intuitive software interface;
  • tutor to control engine speed;
  • spacious fuel tank;
  • elongated aluminum tail boom.
  • very high price.
9.8 / 10
Align T-Rex 700 Nitro DFC - not for beginners. Therefore, even if you have money, learn to fly first, gain experience, and then pilot this device. But it is worth to fly at least once on this model, you just get sick of it.

Which radio-controlled helicopter is better to buy?

Before buying a radio-controlled helicopter, you need to decide how serious your hobby is and how much you are willing to spend on this acquisition. If you are a novice pilot, do not rush to buy immediately an expensive and sophisticated model, which will be difficult to control, and often breaking the blades, body, chassis, you will quickly get disappointed in the flights. For a start, you should buy an inexpensive but high-quality model on an electric motor, with a coaxial screw arrangement, three or four-channel control, a gyroscope and fly either inside a spacious room or outside in windless weather. You can improve on the simulator. If you are captured by flights, then you can be sure that they will not let go, and you will consistently improve your skills, and this will require new aircraft and 3D aerobatic tricks will very soon become your fad.

Have a nice shopping!

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