6 best wax strips for depilation

Get rid of excess hair easily and simply

Wax strips are a convenient solution for home hair removal, which does not require special equipment and professional skills. Wax strips belong to the methods of “cold” depilation, because the wax on them almost does not require heating (according to the instructions, you only need to rub the strip between the palms for 30 seconds). It is no coincidence that many girls, in search of the optimal product for hair removal, choose them - it is simple, effective and relatively inexpensive.

In our ranking of the best wax strips for depilation, various options are presented, among which you can choose the most suitable for a particular zone and skin type.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best wax strips for facial depilation1Botanica Bio World9.9 / 10108
2Veet Naturals with Shea Butter9.8 / 10410
The best wax strips for the body1Shary10 / 10240
2Velvet Nutrition9.9 / 10190
3Lady Caramel Vanilla Sensitive9.8 / 10103
4Veet Suprem'Essence with velvet rose and essential oils9.7 / 10435

The best wax strips for facial depilation

Botanica Bio World
Bright and original packaging that attracts attention, but what's inside? 16 convenient small strips for depilation are intended for removal of facial hair + 1 sachet with cleansing oil. The product is characterized by simple use and a safe composition with caring components. Efficiency is also at the height - the hairs are removed with the bulb, without gaps, the smoothness is maintained for 3 weeks. Not everyone liked the napkins, which come with strips: according to the girls, there are few of them (only one!) And they could be better cleaned.
Main advantages:
  • natural and safe composition;
  • clean hair removal;
  • economical consumption;
  • affordable price.
  • quality and quantity of napkins.
9.9 / 10
The store attracted bright packaging design, but the strips themselves were very successful! They are easy to use, affordable and cope with their functions.
Veet Naturals with Shea Butter
Popular strips for depilation from the nearest cosmetic store. In a box of 20 double strips and 4 oil napkins. The instruction is the simplest - you do not even need to warm it up in your palms, just stick your face to the right place. With one or two times, Veet Naturals removes up to 100% of soft hair. Almost does not leave wax on the skin. An important clarification: the product is intended for vellus hair. For removal of more rigid vegetation it is better to take another tool or tweezers.
Main advantages:
  • available in stores;
  • simple application;
  • high quality hair removal.
  • with hard hair can not cope;
  • skin irritation is possible;
  • expensive counterparts.
9.8 / 10
These strips are a good substitute for warm wax. Removes all the fluff on a solid top five, takes 5 minutes, and the quality of the result is no different from the salon.

The best wax strips for the body


Shary wax strips have proven to be a gentle and effective remedy for homemade hair removal. The line includes strips for sensitive skin (with avocado extract), dry skin (coconut), for removing hard hair (almonds). The kit includes 12 strips and two bags of cooling gel, which reduces hair growth and soothes the skin.

Main advantages:
  • high efficiency means.
  • the convenience of use.
  • even short hairs are removed.
  • professional skin care.
  • The price is higher than that of analogs.
10 / 10
A high-end product, closer to the professional. Removes clearly, quickly, minimum pain. Without cracks and irritations. Separately, I note cooling gel - did not give irritation a chance!
Velvet Nutrition
Good inexpensive strips for depilation with vitamins and herbal ingredients. In a set of 20 strips of the standard size and 2 sachets with oil. The product is universal for all body surfaces (legs, arms, armpits, bikini), except for the face. Even short hairs are removed, while girls note that the painful sensations are not as strong as with other stripes.
Main advantages:
  • caring effect;
  • economical;
  • universal;
  • available in stores;
  • inexpensive.
  • still remove hair completely.
9.9 / 10
Good strips, large, hair perfectly removed, almost all the hairs remain on the strip and only a few do not give up without a fight. This is just a great result!
Lady Caramel Vanilla Sensitive
Strips are intended for depilation of the body, but are also suitable for sensitive skin. Strips of excellent quality, wax applied on them evenly, has a pleasant aroma. Efficiency - above average, removes more than 90% of hairs longer than 2 mm, without injuring the skin and leaving no irritation. In packing of 16 strips and 2 moisturizing wipes.
Main advantages:
  • decent quality;
  • gentle skin care.
  • low price.
  • may skip hairs.
9.8 / 10
With their task, the strips cope perfectly well. Smaller hairs are beyond their power, but I am pleased with the result.
Veet Suprem'Essence with velvet rose and essential oils
Popular strips for depilation are notable for their simplest use and good results. Wax behaves well when used on the legs, arms, underarms and bikini lines. Not intended for use on the face, groin and any other sensitive parts of the body. As practice shows, the best action product shows on the legs below the knee. Natural extracts in the composition of the wax have a beneficial effect on the texture of the skin, making it smoother and silky.
Main advantages:
  • long lasting effect (up to 4 weeks);
  • skin after the procedure is smooth and tender;
  • easy to use (no need to heat);
  • Do not irritate the skin.
  • hairs often break, you have to process one zone several times;
  • quite high cost.
9.7 / 10
I tried a lot of strips with wax, the impression was that they were all the same. Now I buy Veet with a rose, I do everything according to the instructions, and after them my skin is perfectly smooth and soft.

Why precisely wax strips?

The product has its advantages and disadvantages. As pros you can note:

  • hygiene procedures - the strips are stored in protective packaging, used once;
  • ease of use - no need of wax and a spatula, it is enough to heat the strip between the palms, and you can use it;
  • long-lasting effect - smoothness lasts up to 3-4 weeks .;
  • the possibility of using the house - it saves time and money.

There are and minuses:

  • more painful sensations when compared with hot wax;
  • not always the perfect result - hairs can break or not be completely removed;
  • redness and irritation after the procedure - 1-3 days persist.

Also, not everyone succeeds from the first time to choose for themselves the best option for hair removal strips, starting from the sensitivity of the skin, stiffness and length of hairs.

For best effect, it is recommended to heat the wax strip before use (some products, for example, Veet, work without heating), press it well, let the wax harden. After that, the fabric is torn parallel to the skin with a sharp movement.

Which wax strips are the best?

As practice shows, the ideal wax strips simply do not exist. Most often, they are chosen according to the shape of the fabric base, its aroma and price, and their effectiveness may vary depending on the peculiarities of the hair coat and skills in hair removal. Experienced women in questions of depilation consider that the main thing in this matter is practice. Over time, you can adapt to the features of your skin and hair thickness, choose the most effective depilation technique for perfectly smooth skin - or choose another way to get rid of tired hair.

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