5 best zherlits

Review of the best catchy zherlits - according to anglers

Every year, predatory fish is becoming more cautious and suspicious. When it is impossible to catch a pike or a pike perch on an artificial bait, zherlitsy come to the rescue. These gears have several advantages that the angler needs to use.

  • First of all, a live fish is put on the hook of any zherlitsa. It causes less suspicion of the predator, therefore, the catch of the stavekeeper is better than that of spinningists and glitters.
  • At the same time, you can fish for several zherlits. Their maximum number is limited only by the rules of amateur fishing. Having installed several tackles, you can enjoy nature, occasionally inspecting the placed fishing rods.
  • Zherlitsa in the equipped state is inexpensive, therefore any angler can purchase the required number of models.
  • When folded, a set of zherlits occupies a minimum of space in the fishing box or backpack. However, with a zherlichniku ​​have to take some additional accessories.

Currently, you can find many different designs, each of which finds its adherents. The most popular models, which are appreciated by experienced fishermen, got into our rating of the best female characters.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The most resistant zherlitsy1Set zherlits GROWTH9.8 / 101 000
The easiest zherlitsa1Zherlitsa "Three Whales"9.9 / 10900
The most compact vent1Set of zherlits Apiko-Fish9.7 / 10800
The best universal zherlitsa1Zherlitsa winter-summer "Cool"9.8 / 10300
Best High Zherlitsa1Zherlitsa winter "Pier EKO"9.8 / 10170

The most resistant zherlitsy

Set zherlits GROWTH
1,000 (10 pieces)

Zherlitsy GROWTH differ compact and resistant to ice. Base gear is made of frost-resistant plastic, so that the assembly in the cold occurs within a few seconds. The rack is made of galvanized steel plate. A distinctive feature of the model is the presence of a stopper, which allows you to adjust the rotation of the coil. In the transport position, this stopper locks the fishing hook. Included is a bag that holds a set of disassembled gear. The length of the bite alarm is 200 mm, which allows you to see the moment of bite from a distance. The plastic coil has a diameter of 63 mm. Product weight per pack - 800 g.

Main advantages:
  • resistance to ice;
  • good reaction to bite;
  • visibility on the background of ice.
  • when biting flags fly out of the mount.
9.8 / 10
Last winter I tried a set of zerlits GROWTH. I liked the compactness of gear, convenient bag and good stability on ice. Under the base of the hole does not freeze for a long time.

The easiest zherlitsa

Zherlitsa "Three Whales"
900 (10 pcs.)

The easiest in our ranking of the best ones is the Three Whales. It is made of a plastic base with a round shape and a corner stand. Thanks to this design, the reel with the fishing line is exactly above the hole. The diameter of the base is 19.5 cm, which allows you to completely close the hole. A distinctive feature of the model is a coil of large diameter 90 mm. With a sharp bite, the number of line overlaps is minimized. A set of zherlits producer completed the coils of different colors. The presence of the bag allows you to safely transport a set of gear. The checkbox is mounted on a long flexible rack of spring steel. Unpacked weight 10 zherlits is 1250 g.

Main advantages:
  • ease of assembly and disassembly;
  • the presence of the bag;
  • simplicity of design.
  • not found.
9.9 / 10
Zherlitsy "Three Whales" I liked its simplicity. Even a beginner staker without problems will collect tackle. During the winter, he managed to catch more than a dozen large pikes in the limit (1-3 kg).

The most compact vent

Set of zherlits Apiko-Fish
800 (6 pcs.)

Apiko-Fish's Winter Aerita Zherlitsa has a unique design. Due to the lack of a reel, the stock of the fishing line with accessories is stored on a bulk plastic reel. A large bite warning device is clearly visible on the ice. Stand and base have improved design. Due to the straight line of the line, even when biting the fish, the adjacent turns do not clutch. Zherlitsy equipped with a compact case. For fixing the hook in the transport position, special grooves in the reel are provided. The equipped version has a 0.3 mm mono-tail with a length of 15 m, a metal lead of 0.20-0.25 m and a sharp tee No. 6 from the Owner company.

Main advantages:
  • original design;
  • bright alarm;
  • compactness.
  • spontaneous drawdowns occur;
  • zherlitsa low located.
9.7 / 10
I'll start right away with the shortcomings of the Aelita vent. The line often slides off the reel, which is sometimes annoying. But 6 tackles are always at hand. Usually I put a stubby close to the place of deployment.

The best universal zherlitsa

Zherlitsa winter-summer "Cool"
300 (4 pcs.)

A good toad for predator fishing in the winter and summer was the model "Cool." It stays equally stable on the ice and on the water thanks to a round base with a diameter of 25 cm. The coil is attached to the base with a bracket. The checkbox is mounted on spring wire, which simultaneously plays the role of a retainer after tackle equipment. Zherlitsa will serve the owner for a long time, since all parts are coated with powder paint. In winter, the zherlitsa does not freeze to the surface of the ice, even in severe frost. Low center of gravity prevents gear from shifting in strong winds. In the transport position, the mouth is distinguished by compactness and low weight.

Main advantages:
  • can be used in winter and summer;
  • does not freeze to ice;
  • excluded idle drawdowns.
  • low location on the ice.
9.8 / 10
Finally found the best universal zherlitsu with which you can catch pike all year round. Quickly installed, clearly flagged when biting. The first trophies have already been caught. One copy tightened 5.2 kg.

Best High Zherlitsa

Zherlitsa winter "Pier EKO"

Zherlitsa-tripod has long been in demand among fans of predator ice fishing. The advantage of this design is a high location on the ice, so that the angler can see the bite from a distance. The original folding tripod of frost-resistant polypropylene offers the company "Pier". It is very quickly and simply installed on the ice. There is no need to disassemble and assemble the gear every time. Zherlitsa has adjustment of the free wheeling of the coil. The base is made of polymeric material, and the flag is made of steel narrow plate.

Main advantages:
  • high location;
  • quick installation and removal;
  • low weight
  • with a strong wind tackle slides on the ice.
9.8 / 10
I am a piercer "Pierce IVF" satisfied in everything. They are clearly visible from a distance in a blizzard, under the gear you can gently clean the hole from the ice. After a bite, it is easy to put away a stubby side, and engage in drawing fish.

In our review, various types of mortars are considered. Each of them has its advantages and some disadvantages.

Many experienced anglers are accustomed to models. on high legs. Previously, there were difficulties with installing one-legged swords. Today you can buy comfortable tripods that are quickly installed and visible from afar.

In severe frost, thick ice is often formed in the hole. When biting the line breaks or it is impossible to pull large prey out of the ice. Fishermen have long covered snow with a hole. Currently available round base stubs. They completely cover the hole, preventing the buildup of ice.

The simpler the design of the stubby, the easier it is to work with it in the winter. Following this rule, manufacturers made spools without coils. The fishing line is wound on a reel, which when biting down goes down. At this point, the flag signals a bite. This design prevents the formation of overlaps of the fishing line, arising from a sharp predator bite.

When choosing a zherlitsy should be considered and the presence of a bag or cover. Thanks to this package, the hook does not accidentally hook anyone on a fun trip home after a good fishing trip.

Universal zherlitsy Will suit those fishermen who actively hunt for a predator both in winter and in summer. If you use them correctly, you will be able to save on the purchase of gear.

Choose catchy zherlitsy and go fishing. Good bite!

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