Description of the Micro Mini Micro Blue (MM0001) scooter

Scooter Micro Mini Micro Blue (MM0001) - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


Main characteristics
Type ofkickboard
Age groupchildren
Maximum load20 kg
Shock absorbernot
Wheel sizediameter 120 mm, thickness 24 mm
Dimensions and weight
Deck sizewidth 11 cm, length 30 cm
The height of the steering rackn67 cmn
Scooter length55 cm
Weight1.8 kg
Additional Informationrear wheel - 80mm; aluminum steering wheel material; glass fiber reinforced plastic deck

Reviews of children's scooter Micro Mini Micro Blue (MM0001)


  • Lightweight, maneuverable, attractive design, easy to operate, steady, bright colors.


  • The price is high. But this disadvantage can be circumvented by ordering in Europe.

Our favorite transport. A child in 2 years already freely began to manage this miracle.
Kopilevich Tatiana, 2013-05-06 Evaluation 5


  • Some advantages !!! Smooth, mild stroke, incredible stability. Light. It does not creak, it does not rattle, nothing needs to be tightened up. The child began to ride with 2.2. And no pulling a scooter in his hands, the son himself always rides. And if he gets tired, you can literally carry a scooter with a child with two fingers (my height is 170, almost no leaning)


  • NOT!!!

It justifies its price by 200%
And everyone looks back at us! :)
A year later, she herself changed the bearings (the old ones were very noisy steel, after all ALL puddles plowed). Skated another summer (before the execution of 4 years, growth 106). Next summer I will buy the same company, although many analogues have appeared. Myself, by the way, bought Micro White. SUPER! Both. :)
Ikonnikova Natalya, 2014-01-10 Evaluation 5

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