Description of the vacuum cleaner Samsung SC21F60YG

Samsung SC21F60YG vacuum cleaner - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


Type ofusual
Power consumption2100 watts
Suction power520 W
Dust collector3.50 liter bag
Power controlleron the handle (remote control)
Fine filterthere is
Noise level79 dB
Power cord length7 m
Functions and featuresauto cord winding, footswitch on / off on the case, a disinfecting UV lamp, a place to store attachments
Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH)30.5x42.5x30.5 cm
Weight10.1 kg
Additional InformationHEPA13 filter; action radius 10m
Tubes and nozzles
Suction pipetelescopic
Additional tips includedfloor / carpet NB830; brush to collect pet hair; crevice; for dusting; UV brush

Samsung SC21F60YG Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


  • Good quality vacuum cleaner for your money. Could certainly be cheaper, but I will not argue about pricing. Cleans very well. Qualitatively assembled. Very conveniently located the power button on the handle. Very high quality and nice hose. Included are 5 nozzles and a turbo brush.


  • For a girl it will be heavy, but it goes great on the floor. Other deficiencies have not yet been revealed (I own this miracle for 3 weeks), of course, it is not a big time.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner in the first place was the suction power and build quality. In all the stores, the Bork vacuum cleaner was put in and they said that Samsung vacuum cleaners were very bad. Took Samsung and very satisfied. The meaning of the tale is: buy what you like, not what you buy in stores. Trust your choice.
Ivan Ivan, 2014-01-04 Evaluation 5


  • Bought last night. Vacuuming immediately upon arrival !! Power is good - the brush adheres firmly to the laminate! UV lamp - also shines. The sound is not very loud, i.e. in the evening the neighbors should not knock.


  • Need a separate place for storing brushes with ultraviolet It looks like the device is too high-tech in order to just throw it on the floor and then accidentally kick it or hook it with something (you should definitely hide it from children and dogs)

You can assemble yourself without reading the instructions. everything is simple. I can’t say more yet, in fact I will supplement it.
Domnin Vyacheslav, 2014-03-19 Evaluation 5


  • high power for an adequate price, a good set of brushes.


  • not yet found)

I bought the other day, today I tried it for the first time. The vacuum cleaner is not easy (well, it is indicated in the description), but rather maneuverable, it is convenient to use. It’s good that there is a control on the handle - you can turn it off at any time, in order not to waste extra energy. Vacuuming very well, there are no complaints at all. Not very noisy) After the first use in the room there was a plastic smell, I think it is almost any new equipment, but I hope it will pass) In the set, by the way, +1 bag for garbage collection (disposable).
Soloveva Nadezhda, 2014-12-22 Evaluation 5

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