Merrylock Cover Stitch Auto Sewing Machine Description

Sewing machine Merrylock Cover Stitch Auto - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type ofembroidery machine
Power consumption (total / lamp)120/15 W
Differential feedthere is
Automatic needle refillingnot
Automatic looper refillthere is
Thread tension controlauto
Puncture power stabilizerthere is
Fabric clamping adjustmentthere is
Sewing operations
Number of threads2, 3, 4
The number of sewing operations5
Types of stitchessewing stitch, chain stitch
Stitch length1 - 4 mm
Stitch width1 - 5 mm
Maximum height of raising of a pad5 mm
Maximum sewing speed1300 stitches / min
Needle type130/705 N (HAx1SP)
Color markingthere is
Compartment for accessoriesthere is
Additional Informationcarry handle

Reviews of Merrylock Cover Stitch Auto Sewing Machine


  • convenient to fill the lower looper


  • rips thread, skips poems

Automatic thread tension is not really automatic; you can simply select 1 of about 10 programmed thread tension settings. Knit this machine is better not to sew, izbyvete all the nerves while you adjust the tension of the threads, change the needles, change the thread. Then slightly change the look of the fabric and all over again. Very naughty model.
I have an overlock of the same company, so it is generally omnivorous. The average tension of the threads, the average needles, any threads - everything that will fit into it under the foot will be sewn without question.
lex lex 2013-11-08 Evaluation 1


  • I do not agree with the previous review, sewed three types of knitwear without changing the threads and settings - everything went perfectly!


  • It can be capricious due to the different weight of the coils with threads, you can swap the full and half-empty coils and will sew.

Happy with the machine! I stopped running around the city in search of a hotel with a flat-panel machine, I shorten all my knitwear at home.
Atamanova Natalia, 2014-12-26 Evaluation 5

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