Competent selection of hair curlers

Beautiful styling is impossible without the use of good forceps.

The beauty of a woman is her main weapon, and her hair in this arsenal occupies almost the decisive role. If you want your hairstyle to always look well-groomed, but it does not take a lot of time, get your hair tongs. This small device for straightening or curling women's curls exactly add to your appeal!

Main selection criteria

First of all, you should decide on the type of coating of the heating element. There are several types of them:

  • Ceramics heats up very evenly, so it does not cause severe damage to the hair.
  • Tourmaline coating cares for hair, but increases the cost of forceps.
  • Teflon recommend to girls whose hair splits. This coating is the smoothest, the hair does not cling to it and is not injured.
  • Silver particle coatingsAccording to the manufacturers, they have an antibacterial effect.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the choice of nozzles that are included: round, conical, corrugated, texture teaser. The more nozzles, the higher the price. Think about what kind of hairstyle you will do, and make a start from this when choosing.

Third, pay attention to the power value. If you have coarse, unruly hair, then you should buy tongs with a capacity of 70 W, and the rest can be purchased and models with lower cost.

Additional functionality

  • Ionization reduces the harmfulness of the process of curling and straightening hair by vaporization, protecting the surface and structure of the hair.
  • Hairdryer mode allows you to simply dry the hair without giving it a structure.
  • Offline mode - new in this area. Some modern models work on the battery, which often helps the girls on the road.
  • Conditioning - the ability to pour inside the styler conditioner, in order to then use the care product right while curling.

Most Popular Manufacturers

In Russia, hair curlers cost from 500 to 15,000 rubles, and a well-known brand does not always mean high quality. We have compiled for you a rating of the best manufacturers, according to customer reviews on the Internet.

  1. Inexpensive stylers up to 2,000 rubles sometimes surpass their more prestigious competitors. Among them, you can safely choose Polaris, Vigor, VITEK or Scarlett. Models of these manufacturers have a simple design and a small selection of nozzles, but at the same time they perfectly perform their task.
  2. The average price segment up to 7,000 rubles is represented by brands such as Babyliss, Philips, Remington, Rowenta and Panasonic. Here you can already find interesting shapes, bright colors and high-quality coatings. And the warranty on such models longer.
  3. Nippers worth more than 6-7 thousand rubles can be attributed to the professional. In this category are famous Braun, CloudNine, BabylissPro, Greymy. The quality of such forceps is beyond praise, since they are used by professional stylists and hairdressers in beauty salons.

Common customer mistakes

Choosing hair curlers, you should understand that the beauty and health of your hair depends on your attentiveness and prudence! What should be wary of beauties?

  1. Buying a cheap Chinese device Broke the heart of not one girl, becoming the cause of scorched hair and tons of shed tears. If you do not want to join this roaring team, do not buy the tongs of unknown firms at suspiciously low prices.
  2. Purchase tongs with a conventional metal coatingOf course, it will save you a decent amount, but it will not add health to your hair. Metallic coating is the last century. Do not spoil your hair, then it will have to be restored for years.
  3. Another purchase that will disappoint you is buying short hair curling irons. When choosing, do not be lazy to check the length of the cord with the seller. Believe me, the longer the cord, the better. So you do not have to stand for half an hour, bent over in three deaths, while you are doing styling.

Finally, we want to remind you that you need to use hair tongs in conjunction with a caregiver. Do not overheat your curls to enjoy their strength and healthy brilliance for as long as possible! We wish you good purchases and many compliments!

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